Germans and the German-literate: critique my translation.

Hi, there-- I’ve been struggling with a sentence and think I might finally have a meaning that makes sense. Here’s the original (a citation of a German in a Dutch book) and what I’ve come up with (of course I’m mostly concerned about the German quote):

"Rapp heeft tevens de suggestie gedaan het doel van het geestelijk toneel van de Middeleeuwen te zoeken “in der Herbeiführung entscheidender Bild-Szenen, die zich im Laufe ursprünglich rituell bestimmter, später profan ausgedehnter Wegbegehung zu ergeben hatten.”

"Rapp, on the other hand, suggested that one seek the goal of religious theater of the Middle Ages “in the conveyance past of various images-scenes, which were the result of the movements of the procession [Wegbegehung]— originally specifically ritual and later expanded into the profane.”

Acceptible? Are these terms close enough to what he means (esp Wegbegehung)? Thanks for opinions.