Get anything good on iTunes (or whatever service) this week?

After a couple of disappointing weeks of sad updates (including one really lame Morrissey EP), this week is looking pretty good. Today I grabbed:

In The Waiting Line (Sessions @ AOL version) - Zero 7

I’d never heard of anything from Zero 7, but this song sounded pretty cool on preview. Not too bad overall either. A very chill acoustic. :wink:

**Just Like Heaven (Sessions @ AOL version) ** - The Cure

New version of an old favorite. Sounds great too! Come to think of it, I don’t have the old CD ripped on to the computer yet. Come to think of it more, I don’t think I know where it is. Hmm…

The Joker - Fatboy Slim

Impulse purchase. :smiley: Pretty cool though. :wink:

Museum of Idiots - They Might Be Giants

Off their new album “Spine.” I liked this one immediately, but the rest of the album didn’t really jump out at me. I may end up getting the rest of the tracks later.

So, anyone else get anything good?

From iTunes I got
Electric Samurai by Tomoyasu Hotei. It’s got three versions of “Battle Without Honor or Humanity,” the “theme” to Kill Bill Volume 1, as well as a bunch of music used in the Japanese movie Samurai Fiction. The title track, “Katana Groove,” is worth the cost of the album alone, and the rest of the stuff isn’t bad at all. This is basically the record I’ve been waiting for ever since I got the Kill Bill soundtrack, and I’m not disappointed. Thanks to Sublight for the recommendation.

I also got a lot of live tracks by Soul Coughing, but wasn’t that impressed. Their cover of “Funky Town” is all right, though.

Cool, I checked that one out and it pretty groovin’. I wonder why the prices for the full concerts are still at the song level and not at the album level.

I bought the radio edit of Damien Rice’s “Cannonball” that I can’t stop listening to.