Get Back 11.25 [Beatles Documentary]

Get Back due to be released 11`/25.
I grew up with them.
Here is the preview…enjoy…
The Beatles: Get Back (TV Mini Series 2021) - IMDb

If you get a chance look at the 60 Minutes segment they aired on Sunday. It was an interview with Peter Jackson.

I’m going to watch the original on 11/24 to prep for the redux on 11/25.
Great trivia: The Beatles have an Oscar for Best Original Song Score for Let It Be.

One thing that Peter Jackson said was when he reviewed every minute of footage available it told a much different story than what the original documentary and the accounts from the participants showed.

I’ve been putting off cancelling Disney for the past 2 months in anticipation of this.


I wish I knew if there will be some other way to watch this, rather than parking myself in front of Disney TV (which I don’t currently have), 3 nights in a row for 2 hours each night. I don’t mind waiting til it’s not ‘first run’ anymore.

Episode 1 of 3 was excellent.
A great deep dive.

Just finished part 3, and it was fantastic. Part 1 drags a bit in the middle, but it’s worth sticking out.

The pure musical talent on display is amazing, for one. For two, this gives the lie to a lot of the “conventional wisdom” around how and why the Beatles broke up. Surely there was some tension, some frustration (understandably with such talented musicians) over conflicting visions for the direction of the music. But there is also so much joy, creativity, friendship, and collaboration. Yoko is a non-factor, and in fact she and Paul seem to get along just fine.

One of my favorite moments was at the beginning of part 3. Ringo is noodling around with a new song he wrote, Octopus’s Garden. George immediately starts to give him notes on the melody, helping to give it structure. John jumps behind the drum set to give it a beat, and pronounces the song “very strong.” They didn’t respect Ringo? Coulda fooled me.

The documentary is more about moments like these, and less about the uncomfortable moments, though there are some.

If you even kinda-sorta like the Beatles, or enjoy music at all, watch this! You will not be sorry.

A nice little Christmas treat from Mr. Jackson: he shares a sneak peek from the Let It Be session footage he’s working on. The original movie was kind of depressing; this looks to be much more upbeat. If you’re a fan, this should bring a smile to your face:

What caught my eye was John’s technique of tapping the strings on the intro of Get Back. So that’s how he got that sound…very cool!

Damn, the studio clip is the like the antidote to the Let It Be film… the lads are having fun!

I like the teeth-clenched take on the Two of Us. :grin:

This new clip is a delight. Can’t wait to see the finished film. But I’m not at all surprised-
I’ve always maintained that the original film has never deserved its reputation as a downer. Yes they were tired of each other, growing apart, but what always impressed me about the film is how much fun they were having regardless.

You’ll enjoy this too. (Funny outtake of “Two Of Us”)


As far as I know, the Let It Be film was never released (officially) on DVD, and I’ve never found it on YouTube.

But the Get Back film could potentially be even better than that!

(As a tie-in, I think they should remaster the whole album to make it sound like Paul and John are clenching their teeth…)

I’m not a super Beatles fan…but this brought a great many smiles to my face.

It’s posted to YouTube every now and then but gets taken down pretty quickly.

It does my soul good to see ebullient mature Beatles. I realize the piece is calculated to create that response, and I realize that the Let It Be movie is also a true picture of that time, but still… a very fun five minutes.

They couldn’t digitally remove Yoko? Oh well, this looks like it will be a blast.

Yes, really. I’ve never really bought into the notion that Let It Be creates a negative mood or portrayal, I liked it just fine – it just is not particularly impressive in and of itself. If it weren’t the Beatles it would just be one more late 60s rockumentary. As the project became a bit of a trainwreck that kept changing direction and ended taking so long to put together a finished release that the band even had time to do a whole other album and break up in the meantime, the end product came out looking too slapped together for what would be reasonable expectations. Also the perception of negativity may have been compounded by how by the time it came out the breakup had happened so everything was looked at under a magnifying glass for evidence of what was going wrong.

So Jackson’s cut of Get Back, reviving the original working title, could possibly be what Let It Be could have been if handled well.

Ya gotta love Paul’s snare fill, here: