Get candle wax out of carpet?

Any ideas how to clean up some melted wax from a carpet? I think the carpet is wool, if that matters. Thanks!!

Never mind. I found the answer on Google.

  1. Scrape as much wax as you can out of the carpet with a dry, stiff bristle brush. If the wax is soft, and spreads instead of scraping off, chill it with an ice cube.

  2. Apply a spot-lifting solvent (of the dry-cleaning type); this will usually contains trichloroethylene or something like it, so use plenty of ventilation, and dispose of the unused portion responsibly. Blot up the solvent with a rag. Apply and blot in turns until the wax is gone.

  3. If there is any remaining, you can try steam cleaning, but I don’t know how that affects wool carpeting.

This site says:

After wax hardens, scrape up excess with a dull knife.
Place part of a paper bag over the remaining wax.
Place a warm iron over the bag and press gently.
Repeat until all the wax is transferred to the paper bag.

If the wax was colored and leaves a stain, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a rag; gently dab the stain.

Hope this helps.

You guys covered the wax well.
Just a little hijack sidebar.
Ever move a piece of furniture and have those HUGE dents in the carpet where the legs were?
Put an ice cube on each dent and wait until it melts and then is dry (over night if you want).
Brush lightly and then vacuum.
Works great!