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PS I’m considering bringing back Weird Earls too, if there’s interest. Like this:


And yes please.


hey tuba have you seen the kickstarter in atbm? like yo have some thoughts on the idea

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Am following.

Post #12:

I did see the thread and commented on it earlier.

Let me repeat the really important part:

While the eulogy is already being written for The Death of Dead Tree Publishing, we are still here. The Chicago Sun-Times is still putting out a paper and making other offerings for your information and entertainment, including this site.

At this time the site is not for sale, so I think any discussion of buying it is not going to take us much of anywhere right now.

The thing to do right now is everything you can to support and maintain this site. I’m asking you to work with us to keep on keeping on. Contribute to discussions. Start some dialogue. Keep writing good stuff. Read some columns. Click on an ad from time to time. If you’re not already a subscriber, please consider doing so; put a little bit of money in right now.

There may well be other changes coming as we look for ways to make this place more better and more of a deal to the rest of the world. You already know the secret here but we need to share it with more, More, MORE people.

We’re open for your suggestions, your thoughts, your ideas. No promise we’ll implement them all, but we want it all. I should set up a separate thread for that, and now I will. Thanks!

your humble TubaDiva