"Get Me a Whopper!"

Oh my god, I hate those fucking commercials. In no particular order, I pit:

The fucking dimwit customers who react to not being able to get a meat patty of a particular size by throwing screaming fits and demanding to see the manager and shit. You’re pathetic losers, even more so because presumably you had to sign some sort of release for your dribbling idiocy to be included in the ad to be inflicted on an innocent nation;

The specific fucktard whose big comedy line is “If Burger King stops selling the Whopper they might as well change their name to Burger Queen.” Fuck you, you sexist homophobic cuntnugget;

The manager of the Burger King where these were filmed. For every two-second snippet of a customer going apeshit that made it into an ad there was a two-minute or longer rant from the same customer aimed square at some poor minimum wage slave who undoubtedly had no say at being the target of the raging of the Whopperless jackholes, not to mention the abuse they had heaped on them by customers whose tantrums didn’t make the cut. Good looking out for your employees, twatwaffle;

Everyone at Burger King and their ad agency who thought that presenting Burger King customers as beligerent raving lunatics was a good marketing strategy. How could they possibly think that anyone would want to identify themselves with the gibbering boneheads they’re presenting as representative of Burger King customers? Fucking morons. Who knew they could come up with an ad campaign more horrifyingly awful than using that fucking creepy life-size bobble-head King?

You lost me here. In all likelihood, the store is a corporate one and the manager had zero say in what went on. I am also sure that any employee that appeared on-camera had to sign a release and was thrilled to be in a commercial. Other than that…yeah, stupid ad for a place I won’t eat at anyway.

Yeah, in that whole strange commercial, that made my jaw drop.

Anyway, the commercial makes my seven-year-old go “Some people take their Whoppers too seriously.”


It was awesome when the King showed up with a Whopper for that poor guy who got a Wendy’s patty. The King rocks. I want another video game where you try and not get killed by the Soccer Moms.

I haven’t seen the ads, although I would like to. I’m drawn to train-wreck ad campaigns. Remember the Quiznos singing rat-chipmonk-aliens (or whatevertheheck they were supposed to be)? Those ads freaked me the heck out, but they were definitely effective. When I think of subs I think of Quiznos…of course I shudder in fear at the same time, but hey, at least I know who they are and that they have a pepper bar, whatevertheheck a pepper bar is.

And yeah, the bobble-head king ads were stupid, but they were funny and, in my opinion, worked.

Just imagine what would happen if Burger King rigged one of their restaurants with banner ads and videotaped the reaction!


How many ads sail right by you that you never, ever remember.

You’re pitting this one, and even more people are talking about it because of what you posted here.

The ad company did its job, and you’re doing just what you were expected to do.


That hag at the drive thru that says, “You’ll lose me as a customer if you stop the Whopper” just makes me want to punch her square in the puss. I used to work retail about 15 years ago, and this customer tactic still drives me nuts!

Do you honestly think some 15-year old drive thru kid gives two shits about losing you as a customer? I bet every retailer in town dreads when you walk in the door.

Ah, yes, Burger King’s new online guerilla campaign, WhopperFreakout.com. I haven’t watched the whole film yet, but I was amused by what I saw. It’s just Candid Camera with product placement. I wonder if anyone who ended up in the ad will sue Burger King for making them look stupid or misrepresenting them, like all those Borat lawsuits?

We were just talking about this. If I went to BK and was told they had no Whopper I would just ask for a hamburger with everything. I didn’t think the customers were real, especially the Burger Queen guy.

My favorite was the guy that looked like he was high as a kite. Dramatic wide eye expression, hand up to his mouth in shock.

Ok, I use the term favorite loosely. That is the most awful commercial I can recall seeing.

You know, every time someone pits a commercial, someone else comes in within moments and posts something like the above.

Do you think that I or other people who pit ads don’t know that it is a goal of advertising to get people to remember the ad? Do you really think we need to be reminded of that fact?

Also, it’s absolutely not true that “talking about something” is what advertising is about. Best example is the “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” commercials. Legendary commercial. Utter failure in making people buy (or even recall) what the product was.

Public Relations firm - yeah, raise awareness.

Advertising Agency - sell the fucking product. If the commercial is actively making people stop going to Burger King - think Quiznos spong monkeys - it’s not a success.

So the ad company’s job was to get people so annoyed at Burger King that they might decide to stop eating there? Because that’s what it’s done for me.

Ding ding ding. We no longer sell the Whopper. Fine, do you still sell burgers? Then hook me up with the biggest one you sell, I don’t give a loose stool what you care to call it.

I want to kick the woman in that ad who says, “I want your manager at the window RIGHT NOW!!” Fucking bitch. I hate that sense of entitlement that some people have.

“Well, then, you don’t get to be in our commercial, Mister Flexible.”

Reminds me a bit of the Chris Farley Columbian Coffee bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVSBBJtLuNo&feature=related

Sponge Monkeys.You’re welcome!