Get me to a nunnery?

My boss every once in a while has to do certain paperwork for health insurance, and one of the things involves coordination of care between Medicare and our insurance. For some reason, my name came up this year and she had to fill out some online forms.

She had to make a note if for any reason she couldn’t complete filling out the forms, and there was a drop down list of reasons she could choose from.

Here is the screen shot of the choices.

Wow. Just … wow.

I don’t know if that’s kind of cool, or really bizarre. Or both.

My vote is definitely for both. I expect that to become the new pleading of the 5th during testimony:

“Mr. Smith, where were you on the night of the 15th?”

“Vow of poverty, sir.”

I’ve taken a vow if poverty but I am not a nun. Well, not so much a vow of poverty as a lifestyle choice. Actually, not so much a lifestyle choice as I really don’t have much money, but will that still get me out of having to fill out forms?

What that means, of course, is that at one time, that actually came up!

I remember our parish priest one time saying that he wasn’t required to pay into Social Security, but that it wouldn’t be available for him if he chose to opt out. He contributed, because his mother was receiving benefits and he only thought it fair. So apparently, vow of poverty is a justified excuse.


Yes, members of religious orders who have taken a vow of poverty are exempt from paying Social Security taxes. I forget exactly what the regulations are regarding this, but I remember having to look it up a few times back when I worked for Social Security.

Makes sense to me…one of these days I should probably do an update to my life.

(For those of you who don’t have my biography memorized, I’m a postulant in a religious community, a baby nun if you will.)

Another one of the benefits of working for the Big Guy Upstairs; no social security taxes!!

I would be more than willing to take a ‘vow’ like that as long as I could cheat on it as much has possible. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

I didn’t take a vow of poverty - it was thrust upon me.

In the Canadian income tax form, on line 256, “Additional deductions,” there is a similar space to account for one’s having taken a vow of perpetual poverty.

Miss Mossie - I’d like an update. The last I knew, you were still a student boarding there while you tried the life on for size.


I think an “Ask the Postulant” thread would be very interesting, if you were willing to do one.

I was gonna say that too.

Some years ago, I worked for a radiology practice that had the contract for the local Catholic health system. Many of the people who worked there were nuns who were covered by the health system’s group Blue Cross policy. We had a policy of writing off whatever balance was left over because we had a copy of a letter on file that explained that the nuns had taken a vow of poverty. Or, as my boss put it, “Any friend of God’s is a friend of ours.”