Get Off of my Cloud Meaning

The Rolling Stones had a song in the 60’s that went something like “hey, hey, you, you, get off of my cloud.” It was suppose to have some nasty meaning… what’s the deal?

Related hijack: I wonder if the song’s “meaning” is nastier than this joke I recently heard:

"What’s the difference between Mick Jagger and a Scotsman?

“Mick Jagger says, ‘Hey You, Get Off of My Cloud’, while a Scotsman says, ‘Hey McCloud, get off of my ewe!’”

<distant sound of laughter from Scotland> :slight_smile:

No idea about the cloud though. Did it have a silver lining? Hi Ho.

Any clues as to in what way it was “nasty”?

I always figured it meant something to similar to John Lennon’s “Please don’t wake me, don’t shake me, leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping”. In other words, ‘this is my private fantasy (or dream or daydream), leave me alone!’

just a wag here but maybe something related to ‘being on cloud 9’ like, I’m having such a good time , don’t bother me w/ bad news

Try looking a the lyrics- it seems simple to me:

I agree with k2dave.

What did Mick Jagger say when he walked in on Playboy’s creator boffing Dennis Weaver?

“Hey! Hugh! Get off of McCloud!”

(70’s teevee reference.)