get rich quick...

I suppose this is an opinion poll, even though I would like some factual info. regarding the OP.

Does anybody have experience with a marketing co. that calls themselves team infocus? They have their own website and present themselves as a legitimate organization. It seems like a pyramid scheme to me though.

You/me, let’s just say an agent or better yet, “a team member”, pays to be a member, they then pay to start marketing/selling products (phone cards, makeup, soaps, etc.) to the “public” at reduced prices. This public consists basically of other people who the “team member” gets in on the deal.

It’s explained this way: You get two people, then each of them get two people in, and each of them etc. etc.

You then have the potential of earning thousands of $$$ w/out actually doing anything. All you have to do is the initial work and it will pay returns for years to come.

I find this opportunity :dubious: at best.

What’s the Straight Dope?

I’d appreciate any insight on the matter.

To the Mods. in charge…please if you find any problems w/ this thread, delete it. I’m not sure what the rules are concerning this type of question. Wouldn’t want the SDMB in any legal complications, even though it is just an opinion posted by individuals and NOT the opinion of the SDMB or the Chicago Reader or the staff.

Now, if “Uncle C”, has a response. Man, I’d love to hear it. :wink:

Sounds like a pyramid to me. I’ve read about a lot of these schemes over the years, and I’ve yet to see one that seems legit.

I agree, although because they do actually market a product, I think this is a type of loophole which allows the pyramid-type structure in the organization.

Just sounds like one more in a seemingly infinite number of versions of ScamWay to me.

I pose this question, not for myself, but for the friend who introduced me to this setup. I would like to be able to enlighten him with evidence rather than suspicions. Hopefully, he hasn’t been taken for too much already.

Then again, perhaps one of you has made your fortune with this establishment and I’m just a paranoid cynic?

Stinks like a pyramid to me. Run…Run…save yourself!

I do have to run, for now…gotta feed the family. Be back tonight though. Y’all hash it out for me, would ya’?

They want me to come to another sales pitch. I need some ammo…I’m running this shit outta my town if I can get some scoop.

I’ve got an uncle, the poor bastard has blown thousands of $$ on this kinda stuff over the years. He’s always bring these ideas to me. I think he finally got the picture though. I haven’t heard from him in awhile. I’ll see y’all later.


If you do a search on “multi-level marketing” you’ll find a ton of useful information, including scam warning signs, information on why MLMs don’t work, individual horror stories and other things that you can print out and show your friend. Good luck!

FtG’s first rule of pyramid schemes: If they state that they are not a pyramid scheme, watch out. Real Companies never have to make that disclaimer. (2nd rule is a claim that it really, really is all legal under federal law. Same reasoning.)

I’ve done some internet searches and have come up with several sites pertaining to MLM’s. But, not too much on team in focus.

There are quite a few companies though with the phrase “in focus” included in their logo. I don’t know for sure, but I am assuming they are related. If I am accurate, then in focus is a HUGE scam. Some sources connect in focus with the Nigerian bank scam, I assume y’all are familiar with this. It is a UK based organization and has many different MLM’s and other E-based groups worldwide.

I am waiting on the BBB to write me back on this situation. I sent them a letter yesterday with the particulars. Hopefully, they won’t take too long getting back to me. (If at all)

Thanks for the input…I’ll keep ya’ posted.:slight_smile:

All businesses require others to work for them.
Scam pyramids require others to “pay” to work for them.

My brother has been playing these games for years. He has tried to get me to join in the past but I just say no. He still works a full time job and has probably spent more money on the schemes than he has ever made. Consider this, if that crap worked and everyone made money doing it, why isn’t everyone doing it?

I’ve had enough of those get-rich-quick schemes. This is one scheme that’s going to make me rich, and quick!

-Homer Simpson

Allright folks, so here’s the scoop. This “team” in focus is an MLM business branched off of Quixtar. Which is the new name for the old AmWay MLM business. It seems that several of the old Amway “diamonds” got caught in a fraud. Before they were fired by Quixtar for their part, they “quit” got together and formed their own business by the name of Team in Focus.

Right off the bat, there were charges brought up for the pyramid-type structure and other initiative fees etc. They have since “cleaned-up” their act and appear to be more legitimate :rolleyes: …

anyway, I just thought I’d get the StraightDope back to y’all. I appreciate the input from everyone.:slight_smile: