Get rid of annoying banner ads with this one weird old trick!

… That’s all. I just had to say that.
I have seen the “weird old trick” meme applied to a puzzling variety of products.

Was the weird old trick discovered by a local mom?

Yes, but I belive she was a dentist who moonlighted as a bodybuilder.

…and she did it for $5.00!!!

Dermatologists hate her.

Hey I’m local, and I’m a mom.

(Amy weird old tricks I know, are strictly between me and my boyfriend.)

I blocked a load of them from appearing on my own website. Bloody thngs.

(that is, I filtered them out in my adsense settings)

Yeah… it completely destroys whatever effectiveness the phrase may originally have had as ad copy to use it everywhere, for everything.

Now, how do you suppose it happened? Is it one entity with its irons in several fires, trying to save money on paying for ad copy? Perhaps just short on imagination?

Or was the original W.O.T. advertisement so wildly successful that people in wildly different industries decided to jump on the bandwagon? (“Become a successful prostitute with this one weird old trick!”)

Does Obama want single moms to use the trick?

I don’t know if a prostitute can be successful with just one weird old trick, unless that weird old trick is pretty wealthy…

Yeah, I smeared acai berries across my monitor and now I can’t see any ads.

I always see ‘one simple trick.’ Discovered by a local mom of course. Sometimes she lost weight/whitened her teeth/made $60k from home by following One Simple Rule.

Those local moms sure have a lot of time on their hands if they’re all sitting around doing weird tricks…

Weird tricks is how they’re making 60k from home.

Actually, that annoying belly fat may just come in handy, if it prevents you from scooting in close enough to see the monitor…

There’s a trick to getting rid of the banner ads, but They don’t want you to know.

Well, here’s one take “one werid ond trick” I Googled:

Despite my certainty that I’d get almost every page on the Internet with that search, this thread appeared on the very first page of results.

For Dating Her Teenage Daughter?

ugh --supposed to be “weird old trick,” of course. I was tricked!