Get Well Soon FairyChatMom!

See? I was trying to decide whether to use your real screen name or just what I called you and I didn’t want Snickers to see this (the real Snickers who took that name before I gave it to you) and worry that they were sick but didn’t know it. I din’t want to start a panic. So I went with your real screen name, but you’re still Snickers to me.

And really the title says it all.
Get well. Yup, that’ll do it.

Oh, and I don’t think we need to see any pictures.
Love and mushy stuff,
Yer pal,

(See? It’s like a little letter from me to you. Not really a thread, but it is a thread for everyone to say “Oh yeah, get well!”, but more a letter-like note. Or a card, only it doesn’t have a cute picture of a kitty cat in a hospital gown on it, so it’s not really a card. But still there you go. You get the whole “Love and mushy stuff” thing instead of just “-Rue.”, because I care.)

Yeah, what he said! Okay, not all of it, only the sincere, concerned parts. But not the mushy bits. The cat in the hospital gown image can stay.

I shy away from TMI threads so I don’t really know what you need to get better from but please do soon.

Awwwww, Rue, you sugar-dumplin’, you! But I’m not sick - just scheduled for another round of invasive probing of my innards - this time starting in the throat. Still, I appreciate the sentiment, and the mushy love and all… I’m all a twitter.

I’ll report to Day Surgery an a few hours and they’ll knock me out and run the scope down my gullet to check out the upper GI tract. It’s really not that big a deal, and I’m getting a day off work because of it. I’m thinking the worst is not being able to eat till it’s done. I’ve got a killer headache from hunger…

But your kind thoughts make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… that should confuse the doctor. :smiley: Anyway, let’s step over here outta view.


Thank you too, Shibb! Here’s hoping this whole thing results in the Dr saying “There’s nothing wrong with you. I guess the tests were wrong! Go home and have some cake!” We shall see…

It’s not bad, but there’s still a hospital involved. So you get a “Get Well” card. Only you get this instead, which is sorta like one, only different.

I was thinking of sending you chocolates, only you just started the whole “going to the Y” thing, so I wasn’t sure chocolates were appropriate. But since I already had them, I ate them myself. Thinking of you of course. They were real good, you would have liked them. But this way you don’t have to spend extra time on the treadmill or whatever you do.

So you see, I was thinking of you.

You’re welcome.
(Smoooooch back. Don’t tell anyone, it’ll ruin my tough-guy reputation.)

I’m just squeamish, so I didn’t get past “gullet” and read where you said “GI tract”.

Anyway, I’ll personally prescribe some cake. And ice cream, too, if you want. What do doctors know, anyway? All those sick people in hospitals and they never prescribe cake and ice cream. It’s because if they did then they’d have to shut the hospitals down!

Ya know Rue since FairyChatMom has dogs a puppy in a hospital gown would be more appropriate. But, hey it’s your choice you’re the one who sent the uncard.

Anyway, FCM here’s hoping everything is ok. Like ShibbOleth said, I’m prescribing cake (seven layer chocolate!) and ice cream too (get some Bluebell if ya got it there…gooooooooood ice cream!)

I’m thinking that I need to hire swampbear and Shibb to be my personal physicians. “Seven layer chocolate cake - just what the doctor ordered!”

ummm, Rue, there’s no law against going to the Y and having chocolate. In fact, with all the working out I’m doing, i need the extra engery, right? Right? Of course right. Sheesh, ask my new doctors - they’ll tell you!


I’ve been known to prescribe nachos and macaroni and cheese also. Not together, of course, unless ya like em both together.

Oh, and go ahead and eat a whole package of chocolate chip cookies.

Feel better lady! Make them buy you dinner first this time, or at least a huge jar of nutella.


SHEESH! Nobody ever tells me anything.

I’m sure everthing is going to be just fine, and don’t worry, they’ll use a different hose from the the last time. (Or at least they washed it. I’m pretty sure that’s a requirement.)

Good luck Dear Friend.

I’d prescribe Ben & Jerrys Chunky Monkey for this, BTW

Hospitals suck. Hope everything turns out ok for you. A wee dram of the Water of Life will help everything…

Well, I’m back and all went fine. I didn’t even have to undress, tho they did make me put on a hospital gown over my jeans and T… I didn’t even take my shoes off!!

Nurse Alice 1 (there were 2) did all my vitals and started my IV - complaining about my veins. Yeah, I know - I’ve got crappy veins. Deal with it - you’re the pro! :smiley: No I didn’t say that, and she got it started first try.

I lay there kinda half dozing when someone from the endoscopy group came in a wheeled me to that section. Yep, same place they did the other procedure. I lay there in the staging area a while waiting for my turn, trying not to think about it. Apparently, there was a schedule problem - my Dr was removing a passle o’polyps from some guy and another Dr needed to do a procedure and the third room was being held for some inpatient procedure. So they wheeled one guy OUT of room 1 - he was to go before me. There was much whining and explaining behind the desk, and they apologized to me for the delay, but like I said - I had nothing else to do. Unfortunately for me, they were discussing donuts and panera bread. I hadn’t eaten in 18 hours. Bastards.

Polyp-man was taken to recovery and the next man, who was having the same procedure as I, was wheeled into room 2. I got to listen to the nurse yelling at him… not that she was berating him - I guess when they talk to you thru the haze of drugs, they yell. Not that I remember.

Somewhere along the way, I grabbed a quickie nap. Then they took the other guy out of #2 and wheeled me in. The first nurse said “colonoscopy” and I said “NO!!!” Well, mebbe not that enthusiastically, but I pointed out that they’d already probed those depths. Sheesh, read my paperwork!

They attached monitor leads to my chest and arm, a BP cuff to one arm, and the little clippy-thingie that takes your pulse. Then the nurse told me she was going to numb my throat. “Don’t breathe it in!” So I held my breath while she sprayed the stuff. Then I gagged and the numbing stuff got all over my tongue. It tasted of a really bad imitation banana - mega-ick! And because I kinda retched it into the front of my mouth, they had to give me a second spray of it. The Dr figgered out how to get it done - he had me roll to my side and he said “Don’t swallow - just drool into the towel.” Yeah, I can do that. Meanwhile, someone had drugged me, and next thing I remember, they were unhooking the monitor leads and rolling me back to recovery.

About the time Nurse Alice 2 was getting my post-procedure vitals, my husband showed up. He sat there while the numbing wore off and my mouth started to feel normal again. They had to keep me for a certain amount of time, then I had to drink something before they’d release me. Steve kept playing with the pulse monitoring thingie - I swear, engineers and gadgets!!!

Then Nurse Tamara came in to remove the IV and give me my release instructions. By this time, Steve had found the defibrillator. That devolved into a commercial for Popeil Pocket Defibrillator! Train your doggies! Use it for fishing! Grill cheese between the paddles. All for $19.95!!! He had Tamara and me in stitches. Then he threatened to change the number setting to read: Popcorn, Beverage, Baked Potato, Defrost… Yeah, I married a crazy man.

So, with papers in hand, we wandered the labyrinth from Day Surgery to the parking lot and came home. No alcohol, no driving, take it easy for 24 hours. As soon as I got home, I found a box of mac-n-cheese and cooked it up. Perhaps not the most wholesome meal, but it was quick and I was hungry. I’m enjoying a glass of ice water, feeling a wee bit dopey, but none the worse for wear.

And everything was normal. So now he wants to check my small intestines to be sure there’s no bleeding there. I’m all but convinced that the daily aspirin were to blame, but better to be certain, I guess. Thankfully, that procedure doesn’t involve scopes or probes. I just drink something nasty and they do x-rays or something. Getting old sux.

Thanks for all the good words - youse guys are the best!!!

::packs up some chicken soup::

A hard day like that deserves someone else making dinner.

Glad it went okey-dokey.

OK…that should be “packs”. Damn software won’t let me in to fix it!

good to hear all is well.

my mum had to stop taking daily asprin due to mysterious gi bleeding. once she stopped taking the asprin everything was okeydokey.

i hope you have as easy a fix.

chocolate is very important when you are at the y. it helps to build strong bones. you don’t want to get soft, brittle bones.

Well, FairyChatMom, I’m glad everything went all right! Remember that offer I made of a choir and my brother singing and playing pieces for you? It’s always good… it will never expire! So request your favorite songs, okay? :slight_smile:

But for now, I’d prescribe lots of your favorite foods… you’ll need them! :smiley:

Yay! Glad to hear everything’s okay. I had the same procedure (which is called an esophagogastroduodenoscopy, or EGD) a few years ago. Let’s just say the drugs made it better than it had to be.

::MsRobyn offers some of her banana-split frozen yogurt::


I had it done just about nine months ago. Had grade II esophogitus and my esophogus had shrunk to about 15 mms (genetic, grandfather and sister have same problem.). Dr. stretched it up to 18mms or so and put me on the aciphex.

Gaah! This, this is what happens when I’m away for a day. I’m sorry, FCM; I had a date. It won’t happen again, I promise!


Glad to hear everything’s all right. Oh, and your hubby sounds like a prince of a fellow. And funny too! (“Train your doggies”! Hee hee!)