Getting a tattoo removed... your experiences?

Soliciting your experiences on tattoo removal re/ effectiveness, prices, anything else worth knowing as I go into it.

I have a hand-sized print on my back that’s been there about 20 years… some blue, green, yellow, and orange, professionally done. About 10 years ago I got tired of being a tattoo-wearer. It was really never my style, even less so in middle age. To make matter worse, recently I realized it looks a little too much like a white power symbol. Not cool.

I hope it can disappear completely, but I’m OK with having an ugly half-faded smudge if I have to. Not getting it fixed up or altered. The place I’ve scheduled has a pico-sure laser which I’m told is the best.

Anyway, your thoughts? Mainly I want to make sure this thing gets as faded as possible.

No matter what, it’s not going to fade FAST. My daughter is in the process of having one removed. Laser appointment every 6 weeks. She just had her third appointment - a large portion of the color is quite faded, the black is still pretty strong. It’s estimated she will have at least 6 treatments, 6 weeks apart, to fade it enough to cover it with another tattoo.

You could check out the recommendations on realself, a forum for elective and cosmetic surgery. Apparently, in the last month, of 181 people, 92% thought tatto removal was worth it.

You have to register (for free) to be able to see all the pictures and reviews.

Thanks for that. I’m committed. Pool season’s just about over anyway. :slight_smile: The offer is $960 for 6 treatments. I’ll do more if it seems necessary/helpful.