Getting Appointed (insurance question)

I have recently become licensed in Property+Casualty as well as Life+Health insurance in the state of Ohio. Currently I work for a major insurance company, but would like to be my own boss eventually.

I have an interest in becoming a professional independent insurance agent for a career, but I have some questions that some of you dopers out there may be able to answer for me.

First and foremost, how do I court insurance companies, in order to sell their products, otherwise known as getting “appointed”? Is this stringent, or will the fact that I have a license do it?

Secondly, how profitable is it to be an independent insurance agent, in life+health and in P+C?

Thanks for your help dopers, please give a young guy a heads up in the insurance industry about these questions as well as any I may be forgetting or overlooking before I get serious about this venture.