Getting Doug with High

What a train wreck of a show. It’s web series, where Dough Benson gets high with, and talks to comedians. I watched two episodes. Jack Black almost flipped out. David Cross mocked the show the whole time and made fun of the sponsor.

Even the tittle of the show stupid, switching words around is a drunk thing, not a high thing.

I watched the episode with the Trailer Park Boys and I thought it was pretty stupid. But I think grown ups who smoke a ton of weed and take it very seriously (“Oh, how was that new strain you tried?” “You guys should check out this bong from our sponsor.”) is all very silly.

However my friend who is a grown up who smokes a ton of weed and takes it very seriously absolutely loves the show. I think he takes it as seriously as I take The Daily Show.

Different str(m)okes for different folks.