getting drunk again after The Night Before

I’m sitting at my desk typing this in what can only be described as a state of dribbling idiocy brought on by a great night (I think) last night. The monumental hangover I’m due hasnt swept over me yet, but I can hear its thunderous charge coming very close.

As you could probably guess, most of cow-orkers, after picking themselves up from their gales of laughter, are all offering the usual hangover cures. At this point I’d like to add that what seems feasible to do when youre not hungover is avery different story when you are.

But anyways, one cow-orker came up with an interesting thought - he said that if I drank a few pints of water in quick succession, it would get the alcohol flowing around my blood again, and basically I’d become mildly intoxicated again.

Now I dont know if he’s winding me up or not because my brain is about to short circuit abboooouut… now. Not that I’d think about being mildly drunk in work, but help me if you can fellow Dopers - is he weaving a web of lies or have I found a nice way to spend the morning?

::utkik, fervently hoping he’ll find paracetemol, orange juice, a sausage baguette and a huge big bed somewhere in his desk drawers::

Drinking alot of water in the morning does nothing to revive your drunken state, this is purely a myth.

yeah, I figured as much. Ah well, back to suffering in queasy silence then.
Thank Og its Friday…

Drinking a few pints of water is definitely a good idea.

Alcohol is a diuretic. It makes you urinate more than you otherwise would. Lots of alcohol = dehydration. Drink the water, you probably need it.

There was an excel spreadsheet going round on email a while back that had a supposed alcohol depletion rate vs. time chart on it. It was quite shocking how long the booze remains in one’s bloodstream afterwards.

Personally I find that drinking copious amounts of water makes me feel better, not drunk, since a large part of one’s hangover is dehydration.

Going for a wee cure later, are we? I find that tends to “top me up” from the night before.

yeah a ‘hair of the dog’ will probably sound like a good idea about 4pm today. Right now though, if I even smell a drink it’ll all go horribly wrong for everyone.

But come punching out time, I’ve a funny feeling I’ll find myself with a pint in my hand . Ah well, what doenst kill you only serves to make you stronger.
In the meantime I’ll try the copius amounts of water trick and see if anything strange happens. Thanks guys

Drinking to cure a hangover is the short track to alcohol addiction. Stick to water for the next 48 hours or so.

Unless you can’t.


Every thread about this kind of thing has somebody saying something like this. I bugs the shit out of me. Why would drinking for a cure led to alcoholism any more than the actual act of drinking would.
Be thankful you’re not like my Ma utkik. She was at a funeral on Mon. and is still in bits from the hangover. She really shouldn’t drink at all. She was on the phone to me about a hour ago telling me that she’d never do it again. Like I haven’t heard/said that before myself :wink:

Dinking water won’t make you drunk again.

I’ve always found that the second night of a bender is always pretty easy going. If you are going to get boozed again you’ll be able to handle it quite easily. Day three is alright but night three leads to the horrible nastiness of the day fopur hangover.

Don’t make any plans.

This rule doesn’t apply in Ireland, however. :smiley:

Yep, that’s me…But I get off at five, so I say, “Revive at Five!”.

Here’s some words of wisdom I have been told are attributed to Frank Sinatra:

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”

Because it leads to a cycle of hangover -> drinking to relieve hangover -> more hangovers -> more drinking -> symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol addiction perceived as hangover -> more drinking to relieve withdrawal -> acute alcoholism.

This tends to be particularly true where other symptoms of problem drinking are present - i.e. blackouts.

Which led me to believe that the OP was either suffering from blackouts, or considers drinking to the point when he cannot function normally the next day to be “a great night”. Neither is a good sign.

Maybe he is young, and has not yet settled into a mature, non-abusive pattern of alcohol use. Maybe he is not entirely serious about his drinking or his hangover. Maybe he is an early-stage alcoholic.

YMMV. Or perhaps not.


I sense a cultural difference here… going out and occasionally not being able to remember the night before is pretty much accepted as normal in my experience of both Ireland and the UK. Having a cure/hair of the dog is more normal in Ireland than the UK in my experience, but it’s not unheard of. Of course, if one ends up in an unbreakable cycle it’s a real problem, but I don’t know a single person who is in this cycle, and pretty much everyone I know has suffered the same thing as utkik has from time to time. It’s merely the normal way of socialising over here.

Or it leads to somebody having a pint or two every now and then after a heavy night on the lash. What’s the big deal?

They do.

Or maybe utkik just went out and got smashed which is not necessarily indicative of anything in my world other than the fact that they drank a lot. I’ve just done a straw pole in my office and everyone of the 15 people I asked have had a night were they can’t remember how they got home. It’s not really a big deal over here.

Different cultures, mindsets etc but there is a vast difference IMO between how a lot of Irish/British/Aussies etc. view drinking and how a lot of Americans view it. I’m not saying my way is more healthier(Ireland has a lot of drink related problems) but IMO there’s too much knee jerk BS about drink in the US.

Anyhoo not the place to do this.

I thought this was going to be about rebate buzzes. You know, get real drunk on Friday and then you can cash in your rebate on Saturday with a six-pack of lawnmower beer.

It’s Friday, I’m in love. . .

OK maybe it’s not such a cultural thing… :smiley:

Ah well, since it is now properly Friday, utkik, it’s POETS Day - Piss Off Early - Tomorrow’s Saturday.
Hmm - tho’ I’ve only heard that said when working in a local council office, which, to my mind, might explain a bit about the effiency or lack thereof, of local councils.

You know, while there is some truth to what you say, you’re simplifying way too much. There are a lot of psychological factors involved when someone goes from user of alcohol to becoming an alcoholist. If the mere consumption would lead to that, then we could all stay safely within a meassured limit (say two drinks a day) and never fall through.
But it doesn’t work that way. No addiction works that way.

I have a very good and old friend who is in the cycle you’re describing, as we speak. He will go on a bender for a week or ten days, then he’ll be able to drink socially for a long stretch of time. In a way, he’s an alcoholic, but why doesn’t he fall through every time he drinks? What are the factors that make him buy a case of wine, pull down the blinds, dis-connect the phone, and start drinking from waking up to passing out?

And why doesn’t this happen to another friends, who will often be sitting at the pub around 2 p.m. on a Saturday, going on his third pint, to cure his hangover?

No matter. I just wanted to weigh in and say the milage does vary.