getting into US colleges

Generally speaking, aren’t private colleges harder than state schools? Also, how big a correlation is there between enrollment and selectivity (smaller means selective)?

No, not necessarily. There are loads of expensive private colleges for the middling student. Some state schools are extremely rigorous.

The most selective small liberal arts colleges, such as Williams, are more selective than the Ivy League in terms of raw percentage of number accepted vs. number applied. However, small schools encompass the full range of selectivity.

These are my experiences as well: there are small private schools out there that will take anyone with a checkbook, and some large state schools are extremely difficult to get into these days (especially as a Freshman, and especially if you are from out of state). UVA and UT come to mind.

The University of Illinois is another public school which can be difficult to get into as an underclassman, because there are so many potential students in-state, but only so many positions for incoming students. I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and we had a lot of students from Illinois there, many of whom came there because they wanted to go to a big, fairly affordable school close to home, and couldn’t get into the U of I.

While it’s very vaguely sort of kind of true that on the average a private college will probably be more selective than a public college and it’s very vaguely sort of kind of true that on the average a smaller college will probably be more selective than a larger college, those generalizations are so weak as to be useless. It’s possible to look up in college guides all sorts of things about colleges, including how selective they are. If that’s all you can find out about a college, use the guides and not just how big they are and how they are funded to tell you about their selectivity.

liberal arts colleges will have lot of variation and it is very difficult to choose a subject fromt this… that too with good colleges…

2 points:

  1. Acceptance rates are generally driven by a school’s need, public or private. A school that needs students will take anyone. A school at full capacity can start turning people away.

  2. Rather than look at the school, look at yourself. If you are in the top 1% of all applicants, you will get into any school regardless of how selective it is, and probably get a scholarship as well. If you are outside the top 10%, then it gets much harder. A hard truth of “good schools” is that they need their graduates to get good jobs, which is one of the criteria for making them a “good school.”

IIRC the California State University restricts entry to the top 1/3rd of HS grads and the University of California to the top 1/8th; everyone else either has to start out in community college or go private. Some CSU campuses can be even more selective than UC campuses and international students are more common than out-of-state.

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