Getting new eyeglasses.

What would be really neat is if there were a website or something which allows one to overlay a picture of one’s face with images of various styles of eyeglasses, in order to get an idea as to which frames are best for one’s face.

This doesn’t seem like an impossible thing to design.

So has it been done? Can I find such a website? I’m getting new glasses on Wednesday and I have no idea what kind to get.


I think this might be it.

Thanks, that was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for!

By the way, at that site (and I’ve seen this elsewhere) it says the edges of the frames should just touch the edges of my face when my face is viewed straight on. But at this site, when I try to adjust the size of the glasses to make this be the case, the glasses have to be freakishly huge.

It seems I have more space between the eyes and the edges of my face than most people.

Does this mean I don’t have a face for glasses? Is there a such thing as not having a face for glasses?


This really doesn’t seem to be Cafe Society material, so I’m moving it to MPSIMS.

Just FTR, I put it in CS because it kind of has to do with fashion, which I’ve seen discussed in CS before.

I only explained that so I don’t look like a complete dolt. Not disagreeing or complaining or anything like that.


Frylock, don’t you have a spouse or am I mixing you up with someone else? If you do, you have someone to help you choose specs which will suit you. Failing a spouse, take a friend. If, for some reason, neither is available, the people at the optician’s place are good at helping people pick out specs that suit them. They’ll help you pick out the right size, etc.

I had someone recently recommend this site for getting new glasses. Alas, I already ordered my new pair when this happened, but I am thinking of getting a backup set so maybe I’ll try them after all.

Anyone have any experience with them?

Here’s an article last week from the NY Times about buying eyeglasses online. It refers to several websites that have the feature you are looking for.

I was thinking about buying frames online. But my nose is crooked. Its not immediately noticeable, but it is visible if you’re looking for it. This causes frames “out of the box” to fit on my face crookedly. I was under the impression that they can adjust the frames at the shop in order to correct for this problem, but I am not sure whether they could do this to just any frame I brought in, or how much they would charge if they did, or what.

Anyone have any knowledge about this?

Thanks for everyone’s help so far!


The NYT article is a big help… so is the Glassyeyes blog. Thanks!

May I add some questions? We have no eyeglass coverage on our medical plan, so we are trying to save some bucks here. I thought buying on-line looked like a good idea.

I am brand new to needing glasses, and I can’t figure out how to determine the size frame/lenses that work for me. While helping my spouse pick out her glasses last week (ain’t it fun when the whole family hits middle age at the same time?) I found a pair that looked good on me, and sneakily wrote down the mysterious code from the inside. However, I don’t know which numbers are what, in order to order on-line.

And, if anyone knows of any states or Canadian Provinces that sell +.75 reading glasses over the counter, I’d be happy to hear of it! They used to here in MN, but now I can pay $225 for them, or get a stronger pair (+1.00) for $10 at a drugstore…