Take a Look at my Ugly Mug and Tell Me What Glasses to Get

Here’s my face goddammit.

I’m having the hardest time figuring out what kind of glasses to get. Nothing looks quite right to me when I try it on–but on the other hand, I’m not so good at knowing what looks quite right and what doesn’t when it comes to this kind of thing so I tend to regard my own judgment with some skepticism.

There are some websites with advice about this. They generally catalogue faces into various shapes. Well, I can’t figure out what shape my face is based on their description. I’m afraid it’s some bizarre hybrid. I don’t know.

Okay so, what shape is my face? And what shape should my glasses be? And whatever else you want to say.

My apologies for exposing you to this horrific travesty.


Your face is cool. Love the moody look there. :slight_smile:

Just a thought: whenever I have to get a new pair of glasses – I take a friend along with me during the try-out-the-frames-on-the-face phase. Try going there with someone else.

Yes, I’ve been trying to hint to people about this.

I’m going to have to just ask plainly.


Tell them they’ll be in on the ground-level of the project for 2007. Maybe even offer them food and/or drink.

How have you been hinting? “Hey, how about coming along to see me make a spectacle of myself?” :slight_smile:

You want some glasses that are a bit low on your face and thin lengthwise.

“Thin lengthwise” meaning the distance from the top of the frame to the bottom of the frame should be small?


Assuming this means “rectangular frames that aren’t very tall” I tend to agree. I think you’d look good in that style.

I would suggest black plastic rectangular frames that are not too tall. I wouldn’t suggest frames that sit low on your face unless you want to look like a librarian.

I could be wrong, but I think your face is between oval-ish and roundish.

I would also suggest bringing a friend or relative with you to the store, preferably a woman with good taste who also wear glasses.

Also frames come in different sizes so if a frame is too wide or too narrow, they can order a different size. Often, stores don’t even mention this because they want to make a quick sale (the bastards).

If your prescription is thick, I would recommend getting the ultrathin lenses. They are worth the extra money.

Btw, your face looks fine. Looks like you could be in a rock band.

It’s hard to tell with the fish-eye effect of the close-up, but I’d say you have a heart-shaped face (unfortunately, I’ve found sites advising you to get glasses wider at the bottom than the top and the complete opposite). Just as important is your sense of style – I think old-school aviators would look good on you, or black-rimmed Buddy Hollyish ones – but both those fit best with a certain personality and wardrobe.

My first reaction was heart-shaped, too, which is accentuated a bit by the chin whiskers. I’m not sure what style to recommend, though. My suggestion is also to take someone along, and then try, try, try every style you can think of. And go to a shop where the person helping you is willing to make recommendations – I’ve ended up with glasses completely unlike what I’d figured on getting as a result of a suggestion by someone with a good eye.

Nope, not heart shaped or round. Definitely oval, and verified by me holding up a pencil to the screen and finding the largest measurement - and it’s by far vertical through the nose and chin. Heart shaped would be wider at the eyes than through the base of the ears, which you’re not, and round would be almost the same horizontally as vertically, and you’re nowhere near that. Oval, which means you have almost no restrictions on your eyeglass shape. That’s probably why you’re having trouble, ironically enough. Nothing looks so *bad *that something else looks great in comparison. So choose what you like or choose what’s cheap, whichever you prefer.

Since your face is round-ish, just say NO to round frames.

I agree with the other posters who say go rectangular. Now for the type of frame it would depend on who you are and what you do. The black frames are very popular right now, but like everything else the fad will go away. If you are very active, make sure you have spring hinges. If you’re going to only wear them when not wearing contacts, go cheap. Personally, I think something like these would look nice on you. Either in the black or grey.

My suggestion - go somewhere upscale and get opinions from opticians. I’m not talking LensCrafters or the other one stop shop places. Take a friend who is hideously honest with you. If you’re blind as a bat, bring a digital camera with and snap shots of you in various frames that you can look at with specs on.

I concur with the face shape being oval.

I suggest taking a digital camera with you and taking pictures of all the ones you like. Then take a good long look when you get home and pick the best. That’s what I do with sunglasses.

Check it out - an interactive frames selector from Pearle. Lets you upload your own pic, 'n stuff.

Thanks for that. There’s another one of those I tried online but it would always shrink my face vertically. I made absolutely sure I was giving them a picture in the dimensions they wanted.

Hopefully this one will work better!


I see the next photohop thread…


…or these

Thanks for the advice, everyone.

Here’s what I’ve decided on. (That was the only link to a picture of the frame I could find. If it doesn’t work, the frames are Ralph Lauren model 1508, maybe you can do a better job of finding a picture than I did.)

As you can see, I certainly took what many of you said to heart.

I actually wanted to get this other pair of big ole’ clark kent glasses, but my wife dissuaded me.

Anyway, I shall subject you to a single reiteration of my face at a near-future date, to show you what they look at. Unless you beg me not to.


Sure, I’d like to see how your face looks now.