getting off the no-fly list

Apparently the US reached a milestone recently: for the first time ever someone was able to get off the nofly list:

Note this is the case where someone got themselves off the list. Does anyone have any idea how many people have been taken off the list through other means like the Gov’t itself deciding to take people off? I am sure some have been taken off and I know the totals are considered a state secret, but has anyone seen any estimates? A quick google found one estimate that the total number of people on the list is in the 100,000s, but I think that is too high. How big is the list? Any ideas?

The US Government will neither confirm nor deny any information about the no fly list(s). Any numbers you may come across of the number of names on the list are speculation, unless and until some federal court decision breaks down the door.

This may help.

At what appears to be the sudden end of the OP’s quoted article, by whom was the court order redacted, by what authority, and why is it inexplicably not possible to obtain an unredacted copy of the court order?