Getting ready for my first date but I am not allowed to drink

So, I am getting ready to take my girl on my first date and we are planing to get wasted and have an unforgettable night out because her birthday is at the same day. However, the problem is that I recently moved to Delaware from another state and I am not familiar here. My friends have suggested many good places to take her out some of them are quite familiar food chain restaurants and the atmosphere needs to be Cozy but all these are not possible without a good drink at a bar possibly a Martini because I am quite passionate about drinking. However, there is a problem I am not 21 yet and I see that this state has the same drinking rule as of other states which means I can not legally purchase alcoholic beverages unless I show them an identification which proves I am 21 or over. We used novelty ids and Doppelganger methods to get inside age-restricted places in Colorado but we are not sure how friendly are the restaurants and cafes in Delaware. Please help me out on this if possible.

Thread reported. If this one doesn’t deserved to be locked, what does?

I feel tempted to suggest various vintages of paint fumes as a substitute, but the young man sounds like he has enough problems.

At the very least, his inability to spot the incompatability of “unforgettable night” and “get wasted”.

I’d be pretty impressed if he’s really a doppelgänger though.

Ah, the budding romances of youth. I hear 91 octane is particularly pleasing in the Delaware region.

He needs to be ghosted, that’s clear to me.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I opened the thread because I thought it was a forum where anyone could talk straight…

We are…

You’re looking for advice about how to break the law. That’s not allowed here for pretty obvious legal reasons. We’re giving you legal tips.

Byob and order cokes…

If you get “wasted”, it can’t possibly be “unforgettable” because you won’t even remember it the next day.

Take her to a screen-door factory.

This law was broken by the Supreme Court judge so I guess it isn’t a law that is taken seriously by the teenagers obviously.

Assuming you’re sincere, I know it’s a crazy idea, but have you considered the possibility of having a good time entirely sober?

Yeah I have considered that and we have spent a lot of time being sober but in a relationship there are times when you want to move on otherwise they don’t remain in the same state. I know you might be thinking I am one of those irresponsible college kids just a drinking wannabe well that is not how things are. The legal drinking age in the US is higher than it should be and I’ve had good grades in my high school and college. I think it is time I should have some freedom to spend some time in a way how me and my girl want to.

My advice: don’t look to Bret Kavanaugh for moral guidance. Especially, sweet baby Jesus, especially not for guidance on how to relate to girls when you’re a teenager.

Welcome to the SDMB.

Announcing your plans to get wasted on a first date, and that you are passionate about drinking, is not the best way to convince me that you are not a drinking wannabe.

The notion that the drinking age should be lower for students with good grades might be a debatable proposition, but the idea has not been implemented yet. So no, you don’t have that particular freedom. And the SDMB is rather touchy about advising people on how to break the law.

Tell your girlfriend happy birthday. Also consider if you can think up a better present than your getting plastered.


I have to admit that I have never heard the “Supreme Court judges do it, so why can’t I?” excuse before when it comes to underage drinking.

I agree the drinking age in the U.S. is higher than it should be. * However*, I don’t think “getting wasted” is a recipe for a wonderful date. I don’t expect you to figure that out any sooner than I did, but it would be nice if more of us could learn from the experiences of others.

Getting plowed is not “moving on in a relationship” :rolleyes: