Getting Rid of Anti-Freeze

Okay, so the guy who bid on the dead Honda I had for sale hasn’t bothered to show up, or return my calls, so it’s pretty obvious he can’t be bothered to get the car. (You think that someone wins a car for $11.25 they’d be beating a path to get the car, but no.) I’m going to yank all the parts off the car that I can to try and sell them seperately on eBay, in hopes of making back the money I spent on auctioning the car in the first place. I don’t know what to do with the antifreeze, however. No place around here that accepts used engine oil takes antifreeze, and I can’t very well dump it on the ground, so where and how do I get rid of it?

ethylene glycol is mighty tasty…especially to cats. :eek:

Check with your local and county government. Around here, HazMat collection days are sponsored by townships, sometimes along with the local fire company. A few phone calls should solve the query.

A hearty second about avoiding spills. Critters love the taste, even though it is poisonous.

doesn’t ebay reimburse auctioneers when it’s a dead beat buyer?
What kind of Honda? I need part for my 92 accord!

Our landfill has a drop-off site. Your’s probably does too.

As Oat said. But also here in Carroll County there is a city maintenance building that has tanks for used oil and antifreeze also. You might want to call around to see if such a facility exists where you live.

In Gallatin, TN, you can take antifreeze to Safety-Kleen Corp., 1130 Hwy. 109 North, Gallatin, TN 37066.

It’s an 84 Accord, so I’m not sure what parts will interchange. And yeah, eBay will waive part of the auction fee.

So, you couldn’t convince the Nigerians to come and take the car, eh?

Even worse, their check bounced! :wink: