Getting rid of office 2002 when disks are missing

Why does Microsoft makes this so hard? The office installation disk is always needed to uninstall office. :dubious:

Someone at an office I’m supporting installed office 2002 without the permission of the manager and now it made a mess of opening files on the valid office 97 they have.

I attempted to tell windows to only point to the old office program, but office 97 still attempts to look for missing MIS files.

Can they solve the problem by reinstalling office 97? How can they get rid of the invalid office 2002 when they don’t know who installed it and the disks are missing?

IIRC microsoft had office eraser programs available, but I only can find the ones for office 97 to 2000, anyone knows were the 2002 eraser is?

Office Removal Wizard

An Ork? :smack:

Microsoft should had called that file a Terminate and Remove Office, Lame Loser… :slight_smile:
Many thanks astro, I will use this tomorrow.