My Powerpoint is broken

I ran a Malware remover called Malware bytes last week. It appeared to have removed some of the problems i was having.
I found about 30 minutes before my Gun Class Saturday that my PowerPoint program didn’t work anymore.
I now get a screen that says;
The Microsoft program necessary to open this file is not installed on this computer.
and i get 3 different options;

  1. I already purchased office 2010 [Activate]
  2. Go online and purchase office [Purchase]
  3. Try office free for a limited time [Try]

Well I had my file on a jump drive and had another computer on hand and ran an older file, so i got through the day.
Now I have tried the product Key that is on the label under my computer when i choose the top option i listed as No. 1 the product key is not recognized.
I tried to restore to an earlier time and of course there were no restore points.

I was experiencing problems opening my power-point where if i opened power point up and then opened my list of files and clicked on the file i wanted to use, well it would not open. But when i opened my file on my desktop with the power point file and all the links used in that presentation i could just double click that file and it would open Power-Point and it would run.
My Microsoft Word runs fine.
I never use the Excel
And I have Office 2007 on my computer (Not office 2010 like the screen lists)
Where do i go from here??

Isn’t the product key on the label for Microsoft Windows and not for Microsoft Office? And I think you should go to Control Panel, Programs and see if you can repair the existing installation for Microsoft Office.

I concur. Some important files probably got removed with the Malware removal. Likely some Office files were infected–Office is a useful malware vector.

If you can’t do a repair installation, or it doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling. But you’ll still need your key for Microsoft Office, not your key for Windows, which is usually the only one on your computer.

If your computer came with Office 2007 or you otherwise can’t find the key, you can try using a key retrieval tool before uninstalling, like Produkey or Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder. But, again, make sure it is your Office 2007 key, not your Windows key.

If Microsoft Office came with your computer, the installation will probably be on the Application disk of your recovery disks (usually the last disk or so). These may not actually need a key to install, as they may instead use other methods to detect your computer.

Good luck!

Thank you for the suggestions. I was thinking Microsoft word was a part of office.
I do have the recovery disk, somewhere?? and I was looking into what I should do to run it and it looks like I should backup my hard drive before running the recovery disk, at least that is what I believed I read.

Well I thinks I will stay out of their, me and fix are like oil and water :dubious:

Microsoft Word is part of Microsoft Office (unless, of course, you bought it separately). I don’t know how you got the idea that it’s not.

By the way, when I suggested you repair the installation of Microsoft Office, I wasn’t literally suggesting that you do it yourself. Repair installation should be an option under the Microsoft Office entry in Add/Remove Programs. Basically, the system will restore the files from the installation source. You shouldn’t need to install the disc.

I did what you and Big T suggested and I am back in business. :slight_smile:

Thank you Very Very Much!!!