Getting rid of smoke odours/smoke breath

I’m desperately trying to stop smoking for good, but can’t help sneaking one every now and then right now. Trouble is, I absolutely detest the odour and horrible breath it gives you. Does anyone have some good tips on how to get rid of smoke smell on yourself and your breath? My girlfriend has a very sharp sense of smell and absolutely hates it.

On you, Frebreeze and baby wipes (which incidentally also clean damn near any stain out of fabrics). And some time for it to work.

Breath - minty gum.

You’ll get caught occasionally, but not as much as if you were “unaided”.


What about smoker’s toothpaste? Is it any better at getting rid of smoke breath, or is it just for whitening your teeth?

Guess what, smokers? You can’t hide it. Ever. I’m sorry, but it’s always totally obvious.

It’s in your hair and your clothes. It comes out from deep inside your lungs.

When my co-worker quits smoking (again) we always know when it didn’t work.

What Lilith Fair said. Especially if she has a sensitive nose. We have lived in our apartment for 7 years. It was freshly painted and shampooed when we moved in and we have had the carpets cleaned a number of times since then. It still smells faintly like smoke if it has been shut up for more than a day.

Gotta agree with the others here and say the only way is to stop… and that comes from a smoker who is v aware of the bad breath thing. Constantly chewing gum would help but kinda impractical.

BTW Best of luck with the quitting Ultra! I’ll be doing the same when I grow some balls.

My non-smoking wife has a nose like a bloodhound and can smell smoke on just about any surface but as most smokers know, and a few like me will admit, that a smoker never truly quits so when I make a poor choice and sneak a cigarette or restart the habit keep in mind that every non smoke will generally notice.

As far as hair and clothing, not much you can do to change clothing. I wear a hat while I smoke and I wear a hooded sweat shirt that I can quickly remove after I’m finished.

For your skin, the only effective method that I’ve found that works is to use isopropyl rubbing alchohal pads (like Purell) that you can wipe down your hands, face and neck with. Concentrate on your fingers that hold the cigarette and concentrate on your lips, chin, eyebrows and nose. You’ll notice the yellow tar that remains on the wipe after you’re done. This won’t feel good and will burn but perhaps it will motivate you to smoke less. Rinse your face with water shortly thereafter and don’t get it in your eyes.

For your breath, the only thing that has ever worked for me are chlorophyll based gums and mouth rinse. Chlorets (I can only find them on amazon) work extremely well if you are out and cannot find time to rinse. If you can find time to rinse, use a chlorophyll based rinse. Places like Vitamin Shoppe sell them. Put about a tablespoon into 2 to 4 ounces of water and then repeatedly rinse and gargle. The downside here? You’re tongue and teeth will turn green, so chew a piece of gum afterwards to get your saliva started on the cleaning process.

Finally, if you have time, the chlorophyll mouth rinses are generally consumable as a drink (read the label and make sure though, some mouthwashes can be toxic if consumed in large quantities). Put a tablespoon into 8 ounces of water, stir and then slowly sip the mixture so that it has time to mix with your throat mucus. The mixture will look odd, as if you put alot of green food coloring into water, so expect strange looks if you try to do this in public. These will also turn your tongue and mouth green as well so plan to chew gum right afterwards.

Best advice, quit smoking, it may eventually kill you and your family will suffer greatly when they have to watch you slowly rot away from cancer.