Getting rid of these new types of popup ads.

Is there any way to stop these annoying new popups? I have adblock installed, but it is incapable of dealing with these.

NoScript or similar.

The other option is to not visit such sites. Forbes, for example, won’t work with ad-blockers–but it is such a marginal site it is very easy just to skip.

I use Noscript, but I have it set to default off–and then turn it on for any site which is annoying (if you default it on then you are constantly turning it off for individual sites as so many sites don’t work with it on).

It’s the popups on the Dope that bug me. My popup blocker doesn’t stop them.

And I CAN’T skip the Dope!

Pay the membership.

Plus another vote for Noscript. I run it in default blocking mode. It takes a while to get it set to not block the set of sites I use, but I prefer the more paranoid approach, it isn’t just an ad-blocker. It blocks scripts for much more serious reasons. I don’t consider it smart to browse the web without minimally the level of protection it affords.

Would someone describe the “new type” of popup ad, so I know if I am getting them or not?

hi With my Macbook Air Ive not had a problem with popups! Its expensive; its also open source; and its fun and easy to work .

They’re like the old popup ads, but they badly need a haircut and some decent clothes, and to turn down that awful noise they listen to.

I just read that Adblock decided to start accepting money to allow ads to pop up anyway. I deleted it that day.

How does one do that? I seem to remember buying in years ago, but I don’t see a subscribe button (probably my aging eyesight).

Adblock comes pre-configured by default to allow some non-intrusive ads. You can go to your plugin tools and uncheck that box.

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Since this is specifically about the ads here on the SDMB, let’s move this to ATMB (from GQ).

I personally use Adblock Plus and NoScript. Works pretty well for most sites, although you have to add exceptions for some sites to get them to work properly.

Having come to the site, not signed in, a few times since the popups were begun I’d have to vote that the right solution is that the site ditch them.

I just can’t imagine that you’re going to be able to gain new forum members with that thing enabled. And, minus new forum members, the site membership will slowly shrink.

There’s only so much milk you can get out of the cow. Trying to squeeze out more won’t get you more, it will just hurt the cow.

As far as I know, all I have are AdBlock Plus and Ghostery.

All I use this machine for is web crawling - about 2 time in 2 years, I have found a ‘pop under’ when shutting down.

I also need to click Alt+F4 TWICE to get the shutdown dialog - from an empty screen. I have no idea what the first ALT+F4 kills.

UBlock Origin.

That is all.

What the hell is a “non-intrusive” ad?

That’s a really good (Drink Pepsi) question.

That would be one that has paid Adblock Plus the proper fees.

I don’t know why y’all are worried. SD promised us unobtrusive ads and we’ve seen how well that goes.