Getting the shuttle back to Florida

I’ve always wondered. How do they get the shuttle back to FL from Edward’s AFB? Do they just simply fly it back? Tow it? Teleportation. What?



I think fly it back. I heard it will cost a million dollars to take it back.

You should read the thread (currently active in GQ) on comparing the weight the space shuttle to the weight of a 747-worth of passengers and luggage for a Doper oriented description of transporting the shuttle piggyback. (We have a Doper who was actively involved in the transport one time in the past who contributes to this thread. I’m too lazy to doublecheck and tell you which Doper it is).

I’ve seen a shuttle on a 747 fairly up close and personal, years ago. What surprised me was how small the shuttle was in comparison to the plane. They seem so big, but they’re not, really.

Endeavor spent the night at Jacksonville AFB once due to weather. The pilot circled Little Rock the next morning. It was extremley cool. :slight_smile: