getting those plastic things off clothes

I bought some new pajamas today. They’re very cute and fuzzy. Unfortunately, the lady at the checkout counter forgot to take off that stupid plastic anti-theft clip thingy. Anyone know how to get those things off?

Best thing: Go back to the store and have them remove it for ya’. Otherwise…you’ll probably end up with inky pajamas.

      • Yea, but inky pajamas is better’n -
  • I also have had a curiosity about how them things work, but it’s not the sort of question that can be asked at the store… - DougC

Be sure you take your reciept or they may try to accuse you of stealing them ! If that were to happen you might wind up with something worse than inky pajamas.

You might try a strong magnet against the back while trying to pull the clip out.
If that doesn’t work and if it’s the ink kind you risk inking your clothes, if it is the electric type you can break it off w/ tools.

If you no longer have thereceipt I would call the store (I would probabally try to break it off but that’s just me) and talk to the manager and let him know what happened and you don’t want to be accused of stealing them.

If you’re going to experiment with the ink type, trying placing the clothes in your freezer overnight first. Frozen ink would probably be more manageable to clean up should the capsule accidentally discharge.

Isn’t returning to the store a lot easier???

This happened to my sister a few years ago she walked in and the alarm went off and presented her reciept and got the tag removed. Course I do happen to live in the UK don’t know about shop security practices in the US.

I had that happen to me as well once. I actually took a strong knife and broke all of the plastic that was holding in the metal rod in the center. I didn’t trip the ink to shoot out somehow. Even with a very strong and sharp knife, it wasn’t very easy to get the plastic apart. Took me like 5 minutes to get it apart. My laziness and lack of motivation to leave the house led me to finding a creative way around the problem. :slight_smile:

5 minutes of my time is usually shorter then a trip to the store.

** A warning about freezing the ink ** - I don’t know if this holds true for ink but the liquid is in sealed glass containers and the ink might expand and break the containers when frozen.

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Yes it is far shorter than going back to the store, but it isn’t worth ruining the clothing that you just bought, which is where the true laziness and lack of motivation kicks in for me.

You could cut the stainless steel pin that goes through the cloth, but this will usually damage the material. Another option is to use a 12volt dc source such as a motor cycle battery in order to make an electomagnet magnet. Using a piece of black iron pipe about 2.5 - 4 cm long, with an inside diameter of at least 2.54 cm (1 inch) wrap the pipe’s outside with a single layer of wire, 10-15 times depending on the length of the pipe. Use 16-18 gauge heavily insulated single strand copper wire around the pipe, this wire should be one piece and have about 50 cm of extra wire on both ends to attach to the battery. Additional layers of wire can be wrapped around the inside layers of wire in order to make the electromagnet stronger, at the expense of more power consumption from the battery, i.e., greater production of heat by product. Caution the wire could become red hot and melt the insulation if connected to the battery too long, maybe ignition. Place the rounded part to the theft device in opening inside the pipe. Apply 12vdc power, separate the theft device parts and remove power. I would go back to the store and let them use their electromagnet.

Now that’s the kind of answer I like to see here in GQ!

if the store is really out of your way you could call the store, demand to speak to the manager and kick up a big stink about how the idiot girl behind the counter didn’t take the security thingy off your pajamas, and how you spend money in there all the time, and is this how people should be treated, etc etc.
You just might be able to talk them into coming to your house and removing it for you.
I’m a retail gal from way back and I’ve seen it done from time to time.
How far away IS this store???

It’s about an hour or so’s drive. I don’t have a car, either, so I’d have to bother someone else about it.

Hey, if I just took the pajamas down to the local Wal-Mart do you think they’d take it off for me?