Getting to first base

Okay, I’m naive, but what exactly is entailed in “getting to first base?” And what are the requirements for second and third? A home run seems pretty clear…

Well, when I was a junior member they were as follows:

  1. Kissing
  2. Petting above the waist.
  3. Petting below the waist.
  4. Intercourse
    Can’t remember where we put oral,

It’s funny. Nowadays as I am getting older, it seems that getting to first base is the hardest part. But once I get to first base, home plate is just a skip away.

Dating seems to get more complicated as we get older. The signs of interest become less and less and very ambiguous.

And once you get through all the ambiguity and get that first kiss, or hold hands even, the rest is just a matter of course.

¾È ³ç, ÁÖ µ¿ ÀÏ

Give this thread a base on balls.

::biting tongue::

Nope, nope, it’s too easy a set-up, too easy a line . . . .


Pixoid, I don’t know how old you are, but getting ‘to the bases’ is a very old idea & I would be surprised if anyone is mature enough these days to even consider it.

I’m in high school, and I’ve only heard of getting to the bases in movies. I doubt that many people think of it, nowadays.

Well I checked the rule book and it seems that if you DO get to first base and there is a balk then you get to go to second base. But it has been my experince that if you get to first base and there is a balk then that’s as far as you get and then you go home.(Just look out for the man in the mask.)
Hope this helps Pix.

" Pardon me while I have a strange interlude."-Marx (Melissa Gilbert is in the rest room right now or she would have a snappy comeback)

Well, I know about bases, and I’m 17. But I haven’t discussed things in terms of “Which base?” in years…I think bases are meant to euphemize things for people not mature enough to use proper terminology…
For example, I have a friend who’s pretty naiive and will only talk about bases…so if I’m talking to her I’ll use those terms, because otherwise she gets VERY uncomfortable and blushes, etc.
But talking to, well, any of my other friends, I’m pretty specific…because diplomacy isn’t an issue.


And now, for something completely different.

Biting tongues, Melin? Generally that will get you thrown out of the game.

Mike King writes:
Biting tongues, Melin? Generally that will get you thrown out of the game.

–Biting tongues means you headed for second base first.

The four Fs: 1st base=French, 2nd=Feel, 3rd=Finger and a round-tripper is F***.

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E A Poe

Does this mean I’m getting to second every time I scratch a dogs ears? :slight_smile:

Hey, I just made up a great children’s song! Fck of blow, fck or blow, either way you blow your load! (Must imagine Christmas bells in background)

I must apologize to everyone. But it really is fun to sing, provided the lil ones are out of the room.

I just heard a comedienne on the Comedy Channel (sorry, I’ve forgotten her name) who said she stuffed her bra, so that anyone who got to second base found the bases were loaded! LOL!