Getting wax off leather furniture

I have a coffee table that is covered in stretched leather. The leather is very grainy with a good tooth to it.

I had a candle on it and accidentally spilled liquid wax onto the leather.

I’ve tried scrubbing, to no avail. I think what I may have to do is put paper towels down, then pour boiling water on and hopefully the paper will absorb the wax. Of course, that may delaminate the leather.

Has anyone dealt with a similar situation before? Any commercial cleaners I should try first?

I suppose I could set my iron to steam and try that, though I really don’t want the wax getting through the paper onto the iron!

Any ideas?

Set your iron to no steam, lay a paper towel on the wax spot, and rub gently with a hot iron. The wax will be absorbed by the paper towel. Wax won’t hurt your iron, it can be buffed off the warm iron with a dry paper towel.

Freeze it? Hit it with some liquid from a canned-air duster (turn the can upside down) and then roll the leather between your fingers or brush it with a toothbrush to get the wax to flake off. Repeat.

As always, test this on a hidden spot before doing it in the middle of a visible surface. But I’ve had good luck with freezing goo off of a lot of things.