Getting your High School degree late in life

What is the usual process and assesment method of handing out GED or other high school equivalency degrees? How do they decide where to start you and when you’re done? I know people don’t just go back and sit through every high school day again, so I’m wondering if it is all self-paced with proctored exams or what? Thanks.

(Canadian GED)

When I did mine (2001) I had to apply with the Ministry of Education in Ontario and pay them money. They had a bunch of dates set up in various cities and you picked a convenient one. It was a 5 part proctored exam. Sections were: social science (basically geography), English (grammar), short essay, math, and something I cannot remember. It was done over 2 days, each section marked independently, and was incredibly easy. I don’t see American GED tests being that different than Canadian, probably just a different focus in the content.

It’s worth getting if anybody is interested. Managed to get me into university.

my brother took the GED along time ago. I was around 12 years old at the time, so I don’t quite remember all the details. He told me it was a 6 hour long test consisting of mostly writing and math. He told me a few sample problems. I probably could have passed it when I was 12.

I took my GED in 1989 in California. I took a series of tests over a week or so, then paid a fee and got my certificate.

The tests were proctored and timed, but not that difficult. I got the test results immediately, but had to wait to get the certificate.

All in all, not THAT big a deal.