Gettysdope II pictures and recap

As always, a great day with fellow dopers, and meeting new ones is a bonus!

Some questions: Did you folks like this pavilion-closer to the playground stuff, or did you like the one we had in '04-shorter schlep?

This year was July- '04 was June. Any preference?

Photolink here.

Until next year :smiley:

My preference is:

Lots o’ Dopers, some of whom I’ve met before and some of whom I haven’t – check.

Excellent food (and a slew of kim chi jokes) – check.

Gorgeous weather – check.

No pix of my ass posted – check (so far).

An excellent time – as long as we do it again next year, I don’t care about the details.

Hey, great pictures! Looks like a blast was had by all and sundry.

Any chance of a roster on that group picture? Can’t see the name tags…

Roster on the group pic:

Helen of Troy and MilliHelen
Ariel (Norinew’s daughter)
Edward the Head
Dave (not a Doper; a friend of Norinew’s)
Me (jayjay)
Mariah (Mudgirl; Norinew’s other daughter)
Mr. Norinew (Ray)
Ray’s brother(?) in the shadows behind him
ScubaBen (behind)
Siege’s Gentleman
RTFirefly(?) (hard to tell)
True Pisces
Madd Maxx
Anita Vacation with Jimmy (Ginger’s son)
Hamadryad on the ground
Mrs. TwoTrouts
Ginger of the North
Matthew (Ginger’s other son)
(Not sure who’s behind her…it may be Doc Cathode)
Mrs. CompSciGeek

Left to right – and I’m gonna screw half of these up –

Helen of Troy and her daughter; Norinew’s teenage daughter, Edward the Head and Iris, firiend of norninew’s; jayjay and supervenus freak; norinew’s younger daughter and norinew; her husband and her husband’s brother.

Antares JB is next in the red tank top; I’m behind her, with scuba ben next to me; blue kangaroo in front of us, with Draelin next to her. Can’t tell who the next two people are. Siege is in the hat, don’t know who the tall person is, then verrain and truepisces. av8torMike; triskadecaums in the red T-shirt.

Cleophus; Mad Max; Anita Vacation (pre-diet-root-beer) holding the weirdnorths’ baby; twotrouts and the lovely Mrs. Trout; Gingerofthenorth and her older son; a fast-running geekette, Mrs. Geek, and Engineer Computer Geek (taking a break from his grilling duties).

Feel free to correct my errors, folks!

There were also the Maxx Family, danceswithcats, a nonDoper friend of Anita’s, and one CompSciGeekDaughter who aren’t in the picture. I’m probably missing a couple of other people as well…but I got everyone who’s actually in the pic! :slight_smile:

Other than that it’s Dwalin rather than Draelin (who’s a whole 'nother Doper), I think our lists match up.


Also AWOL from the pic – MsRobyn and Aaron, and a couple more Geekettes – they have four kids, I think.

And I think you’re right on Doc Cathode.

Oh, and danceswithcats, we completely forgot to chip in for the pavilion rental. If you can email me you address, we’ll send a contribution along…

Sorry! My mind is like a steel trap. If you don’t count all the rust spots…

Gah! How could I have forgotten the Doorses?

Well, for those who wonder what she looks like, you can see her and me talking in the background of the first pic.

I had a great time, all the food (and company) was wonderful, and it was easily the nicest day to be outdoors in the last few weeks. I only wish I could have stayed longer, but next year you will have to kick me out. Probably kicking and screaming.

Mucho thanks for accurately tagging everyone in the group-Mr. Brain was too tired to undertake the task last night. :wink: Hopefully the others who took lots of pix will be along with links to their hosts-sending mindwaves to Triskadecamus.

I LOVE the Onion AV Club book that I got at the book exchange from twickster. We should do something like that again next year.

What in the heck am I doing in that photograph? Whatever I’m doing, you had to pick that moment to take a picture.

It was the contemplative, thought-filled expression that I liked.

Well, unless you were doing the exact same thing for five whole minutes, there should be at least two other shots of that group to be posted, so you may show up yet…

Never mind. I thought you were talking about how you were hiding in the group picture… :smack:

You were probably asking someone if they wanna see your kosher sausage.

Or if they wanted to touch your Woody… :smiley: