Gettysdope II pictures and recap

Or his Willy…

… or his tentacle.

Another excellent fest – I had a lovely time, it was great to see everyone again, and meet some new people. I think I came home with more paper goods than I went with, though! But that’s okay, they’ll get used… we hate doing dishes in my household. All in all an excellent time. I want more pictures, though! Cleophus, Tris, av8rmike… I know you all took some, get 'em up here! :slight_smile:

Also, I’m considering trying to organize a fest-like event for a bunch of us to go to the PA Renaissance Faire together in a couple of months. Anyone who’s interested, keep an eye out for a thread on that.

My pictures are up!

Good pix, Cleophus! The one of Aaron and Bailie is really cute.

Oy. I’m still recovering from danceswithcats’ chili. It was awesome but it, um, caused some untoward effects. The corn was good, if I do say so myself, and am planning to make a ham and creamed corn casserole for dinner tomorrow night, among other uses. (The corn-and-chicken soup idea is a good one, supervenusfreak. I’ll ask MiL for freezer space, since our freezer won’t hold much of anything.)

Thanks for the pix, Cleophus! You’ve made a grandmother very happy.


I can’t see Cleophus’s pics.

Thanks to all - I haven’t laughed that much in ages.

Aaaaand of course immediately after I posted that, I could see the pics.


So, yeah.

Thanks to danceswithcats and everyone else who organized! I had a great time meeting so many new people (and hearing Antares’ songs!). I only took about nine pictures so it’s silly of me to make my own album for them. Does anyone want to offer up some space and an e-mail?

And when I click on Cleophus’ pics, how come I only get a broken picture icon, but I can see them on the main page?

I also get red Xs when I try to view the full size pictures in Cleophus’ album. I love the Sprite gag though.

If you send them, I’ll add to those already in Photobucket.

No clue with failure to display-we’ll have to wait for someone more geekly to come along and 'splain it.

Sorry about your discomfort MsRobyn. The stages of chili are basically:
:slight_smile: :dubious: Brrrrrrtttt :eek: :o :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

The pics in Cleophus’ album want javascript enabled, to open a new window (yes, a popup) with the slide show in it.

Both sets are great - looks like it was a great time.

That never works.

Hamadryad, it looks like you had a very good time… :dubious:

Why the raised eyebrow?

Like I said - haven’t laughed that much in a long time. I wish I had talked to more people, but I kind of lack the social skills.

you looked totally hammered in the solo picture, and in the group picture, you’re on the ground…

Ooooooookay then…

I don’t even drink.

To Ethilrist: Speaking as one who hadn’t seen the lady in 18 months and engaged her in chat for a while on Saturday, Hamadryad wasn’t impaired by anything other than her unique sense of humor. This isn’t the Pit, so please don’t come along with drive-by insults at those whom I consider friends.

Lighten up, it was a joke.

I was going to ask if YOU were having a very good time, in the picture where you’re talking to** Hamadryad**, because your shirt is doing something interesting at the bottom, there. :smiley:

Oh, and incase you can’t tell…


Hee. In my case, it’s more like :slight_smile: :dubious: ??? :eek: :o brrrrtttt :smiley:

I’m at that second brrrrttt stage now.


Had a great time!

I’ve got pix, but I lost track of the camera amidst unloading the car when I got home Saturday night, and finally located it late last night, too late to bother downloading anything off it. So it’ll be tonight at the earliest before I get any pix posted.

Yup, that’s me alright.

An Arky, who arrived early and left early, was also not in the group pic.