Too soon to start talk of Gettysdope III?

The potato salad thread got me thinking (well, actually an email from MsRobyn the other day got me thinking, but I wasn’t hungry then, and no one mentioned German potato salad in the exchange, so I wasn’t thinking too hard) about the fact that summer will be here before we know it – and summer means Gettysdope! It is my hope that if we pick a date early enough, whoever brought that killer German potato salad to G’Dope I but sat out G’Dope II will be able to make it this year.

So – I’m on vacation the first week of August, so the weekends at either end of that are out for me – other than that, nothing special.

Any requests?

You mean they agreed to let us back? Well then I guess we’ll be there if we can.

It’s never too early to discuss Gettysdope III: Revenge of the Sith.

I should be okay all summer, but July 4th weekend is never a good time for this because that’s Encampment Weekend, which is the huge battle re-enactment. Aside from the crowds and noise, there’s also the fear that I’ll be shanghaied into someone’s army. Although I think shanghaied only applies to naval service. Either way.


I think any weekend around the 4th of July will be bad for lots of folks. Plus, you know that cannons, dopers, and real gunpowder all in the same area is just asking for trouble.

My weekends are usually pretty flexible over the summer.

You say that like it’s a bad thing… :smiley:

It’s never too soon.

We can discuss a date, but I don’t want to upset the nice blue hair lady at Parks and Recreation too early this year. :smiley:

I might actually be able to make it this year. I know I have plans for the 4th of July weekend and the third weekend in July, but other than that, I’m pretty flexible. twickster, you know how to get a hold of me-- let’s make this happen!

Let’s try a process of elimination thing. I’ll list all the possible Saturdays, and if you would definitely come to G’Dope, but can’t if it’s on X Date, specify that date.

June 10
June 17
June 24

{July 1 – bad idea in oh, so many ways}
July 8
July 15 (Rubystreak)
July 22
July 29 (twickster)

August 5 (twickster)
August 12
August 19
August 26

August seems late to me, but it may come to that.

Actually, I didn’t realize there were 5 weekends in July-- the weekend I’m not available is 7/22 - 7/23. June isn’t really too great for me because I am still at work; I’m free starting the second weekend of July and will stay free, with the exception of the aforementioned July weekend, for the rest of the summer, AFAIK.

The only weekends that I can think that Jayjay and I may not be able to attend would be weekend of the fourth, and the last weekend in July. Other than that, I think we are pretty open.

Opps. I forgot about the weekend of June 17th. We have a weekend getaway planned.

I still like the idea of a Dope Cruise. I regret I am the only one.

I will have to break out my calendar… I think all of June is out for me because of a big annual sale at my job. :frowning: I’ll check when my other weekends off are – I’m definitely interested!

Not a shabby idea, but Rock Creek is the closest body of water to Gettysburg, and it’s woefully inadequate for any kind of cruising action. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if we were attacked (Union or Confederate), does that mean we aren’t allowed to return fire? Or does it mean that we can only use muzzleloading weapons?

I haven’t any plans yet that far in advance. So I’m cool any weekend mentioned so far.

Okay, it sounds like June is generally bad for people. Here’s the revised version:
{July 1 – bad idea in oh, so many ways}
July 8
July 15
July 22 (Rubystreak)
July 29 (twickster; jayjay and svf)

August 5 (twickster)
August 12
August 19
August 26
So it sounds like July 8th and 15th are both still in play… anyone else know what they’re doing in July yet?

July? I’m not sure what I’m doing next week!! Holy guacamole!

Right now, last weekend in June and first in July are definitely out - I’ll have my nephew here for “quality time” with his Aunt Michelle. Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea. But I would like to attend. So when a date is set, I’ll try to protect it from incursions.

This will be a Saturday, right? The distance becomes a factor if it’s Sunday, what with the long drive home and the getting up for work on Monday nonsense.

Yeah, definitely a Saturday.

The visitor’s center is on the Union side of things. If we get attacked by Union troops, well, it’s just one of those mistakes that happens in the fog of war. If we get attacked by them damn greycoats though, I say we let 'em have it with both barrels.

Those re-enactment folks are very strict. You can’t use anything that wasn’t available in Gettysburg at the time. But, fear not, we’re not restricted to mere muzzle loaders. There were plenty of breech loaders, as well as revolvers, swords, and even grenades. I’m not talking about those ugly pineapple grenades from WWII. I’m talking those big old ball shaped grenades that looked like a bomb out of a 1920’s black and white cartoon movie. Note that you are not permitted to write “bomb” on the side of your grenade in big white letters.

I know you’ll be tempted, but use of the gettysdope kimchi pot and a fan to blow the smell towards the enemy is strictly prohibited. Gas warfare was not used at Gettysburg.