The moment all you MADs have been waiting for... Gettysdope II!

A spectacle more devastating than any re-enactment of the infamous Civil War battle…

More dramatic than the speech that followed

More fun than studying military strategy…

That’s right, folks…

It’s time for Gettysdope II!

July 16th is out; danceswithcats has his company picnic then.

We’re thinking end of July, beginning of August.

Last year’s was a HUGE success. Much chili and chicken were prepared and consumed, and much mud was splashed in. [sub]Note to self: Bring an extra change of clothing for child, and remind norinew to do the same.[/sub]

Start making your plans now for this magnificent extravaganza!


Please do NOT do it July 30th or August 6th – those are either end of my annual week Down The Shore. How about July 23rd?

Pleasepleaseplease – I’ve been looking forward to this since I pulled out of the parking lot last year.

What is Gettysdope? I’m new… see under my name where it says ‘member’ instead of ‘charter member’?

Well, depending on which bay you’re next to – this may or may not be of interest to you, but …

Gettysdope is a big potluck picnic in Gettysburg, PA. We did it last year and it was such a huge success that MsRobyn and danceswithcats agreed to organize another one this year.

It’s basically an opportunity to meet people, with activities including eating and drinking, hanging out, playing music, playing games, jumping in mud puddles, etc. We had an amazing turnout of people from all over Pennsylvania, plus others from NY, NJ, MD, VA, DC, and points south. It was very fun and I for one have been agitating to know when the sequel was going to be.

Ooooh… I’m on the Chesapeake – Baltimore, to be specific. Sounds like fun!

Ah, another newbie question… what’s a MAD?

You are, my dear. A Mid-Atlantic Doper.

Another 'fest is May 21 at our place in Dundalk. The thread is somewhere here in MPSIMS.

23 July and 13 August both work so we can see you and the Philly cooperative, twickster. Dopers need to speak as to when the Fark they’d desire this to happen. Your dog wants to attend. :wink:

I am so bummed, cannot do the the Mississippiean feast due to www.n-ssa-org obligations. Gettysdope, hmmm could be. Can I wear my uniform?

That’s i wish I could type

Either of those dates will work for me, so I’m in. As to the dog’s desire to attend…I haven’t a clue.

You’d fit right in. Uh, not that anyone else would be in Civil War regalia (though IIRC there was a sortie over to the battlefields), just that – well, we’re Dopers. If any group of random strangers would appreciate your showing up in uniform, it would be us.

And I asked the cat if he wanted to come – he gave me A Look.

The 16th and the 23rd are both good for me.

But not The Look? :slight_smile:

I need to do some calendar-counting and figure out if those are weeks I have Saturday off (I have to work every other Saturday) and then I will let y’all know. I had a great time last year!

Stars and Bars underwear is optional. :wink:

I didn’t even realize I was waiting for this until I heard about it just now. But now I know what all that waiting was for.

Hey, possibly my second dopefest and already it sounds awesome.

I wonder if anyone will be camping out nearby…


supervenusfreak and I.
Bells on.
See ya there.

Any weekend is pretty much okay, as long as it’s at least two weekends separated from Labor Day (we’re goin’ to N’Awlins…)

I was just reminded by counsel (okay, supervenusfreak, who’s not really a lawyer, not that that’s relevant here) that the last weekend of July is Harrisburg Pride, so that weekend is out for us (we’re booked). The weekend before and the weekend after (as mentioned in one of the posts above) are fine, however.

LOL. Can we bring a cat along too? Those dates look pretty good here too for Jayjay and myself. I can swing switching work hours.