Gezmo Gone- Great, But a Query

I see Gezmo has been given the bums rush which I think everyone expected.

I also note a couple of puerile threads he started have been closed down as he was trolling. Great.

The avatar thread remains open. I can see why, as it is drawing a lot of interest, but in the interests of consistency shouldn’t it have been closed as well? Especially given that we have had numerous discussions on this in the past?

Also, if it is thought best to keep it open until all conversations are done and dusted, is it possible (or available) to change the author to something like “Banned” or “A.N.Other” just so he gets no buzz from his thread living on?

My opinion as a non-mod. It should be left open because the dicussion was never dependant on the OP in that one. He was gone pretty early. And there are some real issues there (the importance of those issues are in the eyes of the beholder). His other threads were probably totally made up and made no sense if the OP was no longer there to respond. I believe its been done like that before.

I was the mod who banned him and closed most of his threads.

I left two threads open: the avatar thread, and one on racist stereotypes in IMHO. They both looked like they were ongoing conversations regardless of his intention in opening them. I notified the mods of the respective forums that I had done so, leaving it up to those mods to decide whether to leave the threads open or not.

Hope this answers your question.

Well done.

Sounds logical to me.

I like this approach. Prioritizing poster enjoyment over troll punishment is good for the board. Well modded.

I rather liked having a Master of the Pointless Thread on the board. He was truly an artist of the genre.

I think the modding was great. I think the query was more could we/ should we cover the user name somehow.

If he wants to enjoy looking at his name with the word BANNED below that, he can do that whether the thread is open or closed. Preventing whatever thrill he might get from it by changing the name seems like more trouble than it’s worth. (Not sure logistically how that would work – I think you’d have to change the username to whatever, which would change all posts made under that name; and we wouldn’t be able to use that default anonymous name more than once. Also, it’s useful to us to know who made what posts later, when we’re looking at sock activity, etc. That would become significantly less convenient if we were screwing around with usernames.)

Short answer: more trouble than it’s worth.

I am happy with the threads that were left open. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time answering Twicks.

Good modding.

I saw what you did there, you saucy Aussie! :smiley: