Ghislaine Maxwell convicted

This isn’t such a case. It depends on the juror’s experience and that, we don’t know. Rape doesn’t always happen with seduction and grooming or having a third party involved. The juror’s experience may have been very different.

Why don’t jurors in the US just keep their fucking mouths shit after the verdict? Is it the promise of fame/money/TV appearances?

Most of them wouldn’t say “shit” if they had a mouthful.

According to the reports the questionnaire included one question about sexual abuse and a followup on whether that would affect impartiality, and the juror in question claimed they did not remember having answered it.

Which to me is more of an impugnation in general of their level of care about what they were answering.

However there is precedent that such is not per se invalidating.

I can see that. ISTM explaining why you find testimony believable based on your experience (“when it happened to me, it felt like there was no way for me to stop it, and then it took me years to realize what it all really meant”) could get a pass if you can show that was all.

Media know that people want their side of the story to be told, and they will find at least one or two out of any group of 12 who feels the urge. It gives them validation to not be just one of 12 anonymous cogs in the machinery of justice but to make it even a little bit about them.

Prince Andrew has been dumped by Queen, and stripped of his royal status.

It looks like he’ll have to finance his case himself.

“With the Queen’s approval and agreement, the Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen.”

A royal source said the prince would no longer use the style “His Royal Highness” in any official capacity.

Thrown under the (royal) double-decker bus.

How much influence did Prince Charles have in convincing the Queen to this action?

Anyone else remember the moniker Randy Andy? Back when he was dating actress Koo Stark. She had appeared in some unrated, direct to video films. They weren’t hard core.

From some articles I’ve seen he had everything to do with it. Other articles say it was both Charles and William who pushed it. Who knows if it will ever be confirmed.

Prince Charles ‘expelled’ Prince Andrew to protect ‘sensitive’ Queen & stop embarrassing case overshadowing reign (

Prince Charles and Prince William Were Behind Prince Andrew’s Royal Expulsion (

Well this makes sense. In the olden days, the crown would have just locked him up in the Tower.

In the olden days, there would have been zero repercussions for a prince raping a young woman.

Truth, and now they are throwing him under the bus before he’s declared guilty. Not that I approve of his behavior, but I also don’t approve of theirs. They are pretending to be shocked by his behavior without acknowledging that they were all raised in the same manner that makes him who he is. Actors, all of them.

Of course, they might know something we don’t. Yet. Plus, Andrew f’d up big time with his Newsnight interview and caused some massive reputation damage. That in combination with the lawsuit will probably do. The crime is to get caught.

Well, though they all were raised in the same, let’s call it system, or cage, doesn’t mean they all have the same moral standards. I have no great love for the systems of monarchy and nobility, but as a staunch lower-case republican, I can’t approve of kin punishment and condemning the whole family for the wrongs one of them has done.

Maxwell is spilling names. I wonder if any have the initials “DT”? We already know they “partied” together. I would be neither shocked nor surprised if it were somehow involved in this morass.

Jeez… Like they say, “It can ALWAYS get worse”

Story here:

Guiffrie (aka Roberts) was working at the Mar-a-Lago club and was recruited there by Maxwell. Her dad Sky Roberts worked at the club too. DT may have been near by.

Translation: “These assholes didn’t rig the court case for me, therefore I don’t give a shit about them anymore.”

Gee I don’t think DT is into underaged girls.

But, one might not know.

I think Trump is involved “ It would make for great news for months!” But I highly doubt it. If he was mentioned in the earlier case he would have not last 4 years as POTUS as it would have come out!