Ghislaine Maxwell convicted

She was found guilty on 5 of 6 counts. The one where she was found not guilty was enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts. She still awaits trial on two counts of perjury.

She is 60 years old. Her remaining days will all likely be behind bars.

It is nice when the justice system seems to be working as intended.

What a strange life she lived. She was the daughter of a very rich man and so accustomed to having various toadies and bootlickers about. She seems to have later become a toady and a bootlicker to a very rich man.

Now let’s see what the sentencing brings.

Good riddance. Bet she’ll be on suicide watch.

Put it on pay-per-view. At least someone will always be watching.

Just finished watching the mini-series on Netflix re Epstein. I didn’t recall the initial ‘deal’ that was done that got him just 18 months of county detention. Thank god the FBI did a better job than Acosta did!!

Anyway, let’s hope the justice system doesn’t fuck it up again this time. Boo hiss Ghislaine. Rot in hell.

Is it possible that Maxwell could get a reduced sentence by agreeing to testify against Epstein’s friends and associates?

It seems like Epstein provided underage girls to a lot of high-profile people, Prince Andrew not least. Maxwell must know huge amounts of incriminating information about them.

I doubt she’d do that, otherwise she’d end up ‘suiciding’ like Epstein himself.

Meme of the day: A picture of Epstein and Maxwell sitting together with the caption “Love is finishing each other’s sentences.”

CNN’s legal analysts had some comments about that. It’s a complicated issue. That particular jurisdiction has very rarely offered deals to those already tried and convicted, but in rare cases it has happened. It could possibly happen here if prosecutors believed they had a strong case against one or more individuals suspected of egregious crimes related to Epstein’s sex ring.

But Maxwell’s lawyers also say that they’re appealing. I very much doubt that Maxwell will spill any beans before all avenues of appeal are exhausted, as anything she says would likely implicate her even further.

ETA: The involvement of Prince Andrew in this mess is rather hilarious, albeit only as the defendant in a civil suit, not a criminal one. His defense lawyers are currently arguing on the technicality that the US District Court in Manhattan has no jurisdiction in the case. Advice to Prince Andrew: it would have been better to just keep your pants on, Your Highness.

Here’s a look at a related case:

Yup. He shoulda kept his trousers on.

It may be done to her anyway, to keep her from talking.

At least this will quiet the conspiracy minded of my acquaintances. I don’t know how many times since she was locked up I’ve heard “Notice how you haven’t heard anything in the news about Ghislaine Maxwell?” Usually with some theory how “they” are using some other story to distract the public. It didn’t matter how many times I would say the trial date has been set and there won’t be any real news until then.

Who am I kidding, they will still come up with theories about how the Clintons are plotting to kill her.

You’re laughing at a poor man that had a medical condition that took his ability to sweat though he later regained it and also had to stoop so low as to visit a family pizza restaurant?

That’s why I put the parentheses around suiciding. :upside_down_face:

Good riddance to this scum. Let her rot in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. The less we see her name and image now the better.

He’s had a rollercoaster of a life. When he was up, he was up, and when he was down, he was down.