Update on child killer

Almost a year ago someone opened a RO thread about a particular waste of creation that had raped and murdered his two year old niece.

Since the person concerned lived right in the middle of an area where many of my ‘clientele’ also hail from, I knew that I would eventually find out more.

Frankly his past history and reputation made him pretty unwelcome on his estate already, I am amazed, given what was widely known in the area, that he was left alone with the child for any lenght of time - I won’t go as far as to blame the parents, but you have to be wondering what they were thinking.

He was convicted, sent down for 35 years minimum - he’ll probably do 40 or more but he also appealed.

That appeal has now been rejected.


All I can say is, he was eventually arrested by police, but others might have had ’ a word’ with him before he was actually placed in custody.
Its also possible that there are others who wish to ‘discuss’ the matter further - he will be in protective custody for the remainder of his sentence.

I’ve not put this in the pit, this is just an update, especially for any UK posters who may remember the story.

Thanks for the update

Says it all, really.

I hope the childs parents and family members get an oppertunity to “have a word with him”

Oh my god that’s horrible. I’d not heard of it before, and now I wish I hadn’t :frowning: How can people be so evil?

It happened on my birthday, too.