Gang of child- and baby-raping scumbags found guilty.

Words utterly fail me. My visceral reaction is to lock them up and throw away the keys. Thankfully we have judges.

And when the key is thrown away, they can’t get out to bathe or eat. Shouldn’t take long.:frowning:

My visceral reaction is that they should be eviscerated.

Single bullet each… I’m a good shot.

You know, I just started reading a nonfiction book - Not without my sister - about the Children of God religious group, in which rape and sexual abuse of children was common and even encouraged. Adults that joined the organization were doing this to children as young as two and three. The descriptions in the book - it’s written by three girls who grew up in the cult - would turn your stomach. And I got to thinking - how? How do you fall in so deep? How are you so fucking dumb that you allow your children to be violated in the name of God?

It’s just so gross and disgusting. Men like this…men like this is why I cannot ever really be 100% against the death penalty. I really don’t feel like men like this are actually contributing anything to our society.

I didn’t need to read the whole article. What I got through was enough for me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there seems to be no limit to the depth to which human behavior can sink. Horrifying.

There have been a few low-life murders in Canada in the news the last few days which had me thinking about appropriate punishment, and now this.

People like this are so vile that capital punishment is insufficient.

Kinda makes you wish for Judge Dredd, not the average Bristol Crown Court judge, doesn’t it?