You get 5 years for this??!!

I can’t describe this news story .

What this individual did was quite unspeakable. To take take and distribute photos … well, it leaves you at a loss for words that adequately describe it.

But for him then to get only 5 years prison for it??? Has the concept of justice totally left us?

(And no. I’m not interested in what Mr Big may, or may not, do to him in prison. I do not believe there is any place for reprisal attacks by other criminals in any civilised judicial system.)

If ever there was an argument for chemical castration, here it is. Dose this guy up for the rest of his miserable life.

But Futile Gesture, don’t you understand? His job was sooo stressful, that raping a baby was the only way he could deal with it. It makes perfect sense when you think about it that way, right?
[sub]For the sarcasm impaired, I think this man is vile. If “lock 'em up and throw away the key” ever applied, it’s in a case like this.[/sub]


Though, and I don’t rejoice in it, his life behind bars will almost certainly be unbearable. But he’ll probably be back out on the streets within 3 years.

Fuck that. What are these judges thinking?

Picks jaw up from floor

The judges are insane. Fuck only knows what they were thinking.

And after reading that (sanitised) BBC summary, I really really think we need that barf smiley, right now.

I don’t mean to be crass, but how in the hell do you rape a thirteen month old baby?

I consider myself to be average endowed, but I would definetely cause some severe physical damage to an infant if I were to attempt intercourse.

And of course you are all right. The sick fuck should have gotten a lot more than five years.

Creative_Munster: Oral sex is considered rape too.

Yeah, I definitely think this guy should have gotten life. It’s crazy that the judge thought, even if he was at low risk to reoffend, that five years would cut it.

From the article:

Show me a child molester who is able to keep himself from reoffending without being physically restrained or having suffered a paralyzing stroke or other cerebral incident, and I’ll give you 100 billion dollars. These guys don’t stop. If they ever have access to a child again, they’ll do it again. And this guy isn’t a one time offender, he raped the baby and a six year old little girl.

And those are only the ones that are known. I’d bet anything that there are others, maybe he didn’t rape them, but he did something, maybe even to his own kids. This is an escalating thing, you don’t jump right to rape, you start with other nasty little things until you’ve got the balls to go all the way.

I could vomit.

Uh huh. And what, the porn just jumped in his lap? A magical spell sent more than 2,000 pieces of kiddie porn to his computer, and then tied him down in his seat and forced him to look at it and burn it to CDs to keep for later viewing?

What in the world is going to stop this piece of trash from looking at kiddie porn again, compromising his moral boundaries again, and causing him destroy another child’s life?

Judge Lord Reed and Dr. Gary McPherson had better start hiding assets. If this asshole so much as lays a fingertip on another child, they should both be sued down to the hair on their heads. This is bullshit. Flat out, unmitigated bullshit.

I am so getting sick of threads which link to a thoroughly disgusting story regarding the abuse of infants without any warning. It’s totally unfair on your fellow Dopers to not, at least, give a warning of what the subject matter relates to.

Sorry to give you a blast over that, but it’s happened so often lately. I mean, seriously, how much extra effort does it take to at least give a warning about young babies being involved?

Someone should hit that guy in the head with a extremely blunt object.

There is your answer right there. If you are fucking infants, you probably aren’t too worried about other physical damage.

Jesus Christ

Walks away wondering WTF???

I believe that the Scottish legal system makes provision for the prosecution to appeal against a sentence if it appears to be too light.

Naturally there will have to be preliminary investigations into the reasons the presiding judge awarded this term.

The offender will also probably have to leave town, and possibly Scotland for his own safety, and his jail term will be…er…difficult.

TeaElle wrote:

I have an idea! Let’s get into This argument again! :rolleyes: