How screwed up do you have to be...

Okay, I am just going to make this short and sweet, it has been eating at me for a couple of days now.
The local paper always has all the criminals on the front page, last weeks there was a 19 year old male (who I KNOW :eek: ) charged with the rape of a TWO YEAR OLD girl. The five year old brother allegedly witnessed and told.

WTF, what is wrong with people. She was two!

Not to be gross, but I just don’t get how that’s…physically possible. She’s so little! What a monster. And those poor kids who watched it, too.

I got quite a slap down once in a pit thread for dark humor-ally wishing a child molester get prison raped. It’s not right, and it’s not justice. But I have to remind myself I’m better than that every time I hear a case like this.

I would imagine actual penetration didn’t occur. I don’t want to imagine what did occur.

From what the paper said the authorities found blood on the girl’s nether region.
Whatever he did, the demon made her bleed.

Castration, prison rape, and a slow death. That is what he needs.

A couple in the UK was jailed last week for raping a three-month old baby. The man was given a light sentence for pleading guilty. But he only changed his plea to guilty after he was presented with irrefutable photographic evidence of him raping the child, taken by his girlfriend. WHAT THE FUCK.

:eek: :eek:

Was it ther own child?

No, they were babysitters.

I hope the parents are better at choosing their next sitters.

If I were the child’s father, I would be looking for weapons or hitmen rather than sitters.

My god, this thread is making me want to go pick up my children and hold them right now.

The vagina was made to stretch. For a bastard who doesn’t care about inflicting pain, I don’t see too much of an obstacle.

Stuff like this makes me want to inflict the same kind of emotional, physical, and mental pain on these people as they do to their victims. Ughh!!! I heard once about 12 year old raping his really young sister. I think she was just 2 or 4 or so. Very young.

What was he like?

The vagina may be, but there are those like me who have pelvic bone issues and just can’t stretch any wider without those bones in the way and causing pain - I have to imagine the pelvic bones in a two year old aren’t that wide…

Truly horrifying!


This brings me very, very close to tears. How fucked up can the human race get?

I’m shocked that no one has come screaming into this thread with an “innocent until proven guilty, you assholes!” comment.

When EJ was a DA, he successfully prosecuted a teenage male for sexual assault on his 4 year old niece. He didn’t even have the family- they were 100% behind the uncle! Upheld on appeal as well, thank God.

It was such a gross case- 288 (b) for those keeping score at home (you’ll need to scroll down a bit).

He was always quite, and kinda skanky looking (greasy, dirty).

I never would have thought he would do this, but I don’t know him that well.

Now we have a winner in the depravity stakes and I can’t see this being beaten any time soon. (I pray it is not beaten, or even repeated.)

From the Jackson Sun yesterday:

2 charged with rape of newborn

"McKenzie police have charged two Carroll County parents with raping their child.

Jonathan Wayne Goodrum, 19, and Kristina Louise Sawyer, 18, are charged with raping their 1-day-old girl before she was taken home from McKenzie Regional Hospital about six weeks ago, said McKenzie Police Lt. Tim Nanney."
1 day old!?!?

Words fail me.

:eek: :frowning: :mad:

1 day!? Either they were going for the world record, or the baby starting coming out feet first as they were having normal sex.

[sub]I’ll be going to hell now…[/sub]