2 year old raped and murdered

The 21 year old uncle of a Leeds (UK) toddler has been charged with raping and murdering this innocent child.


What the fuck is the matter with the world and where is God when all this is going on.

Er . . . I hesitate to ask, but how is raping a two year old physically possible?

Eek. Dont’ ask questions, Lissa, you might find out the answer. There’re times when ignorance truly is bliss.

chowder do you have a link to an online article about this? :frowning: I hope the bastard rots in prison, never to see the light of day or know a moment’s peace or joy again!

Lissa?! Your husband works in a prison. Surely there are prisoners whose crimes were raping a baby under a year old? Sadly, this is a crime that has happened more than once. Yes, it can seriously injure or kill the infant/toddler to do that to them. Makes me ill to think of it.

It is reported that a PM examination showed that she died from “Compression to the neck”

She was found dead lying in a pool of her own blood

Sorry Zabali no link but it’s reported in various UK newspapers and also on UK TV

Ok, a search of the BBC news site found this page with some videos on it. It looks like there are four videos touching on this case. steels self Off to watch them. Poor child… :frowning:

ETA: Ok, once I heard her name (Casey Mullen) I did a search and came up with a page of text articles on this murder.

Yeah, I’m sure he does have inmates incarcerated for that crime, but I’ve never asked him about the ages of the victims or what actually* happened* to them.

I’ve always assumed that “rape” in these situations would involve penetration of a digit or foreign object, not of the rapist’s penis. That didn’t seem to be physically possible. (Not that I want to put too much thought into it, anyway.)

comfort It isn’t a pleasant realization, is it? :frowning: Yes, there are people in this world that are that sick. They are the reason I cannot say I am completely against the death penalty. Them, I’d execute and have no compunctions in doing so.

Aha! Here’s an article giving the detail that he’s been charged. He’ll appear before the magistrates on Thursday. Good!

Oh, it is. It is. If you don’t care how much damage you do, yeah, you can force a penis into an infant’s vagina or rectum, the same way you could force a section of broomstick or a dildo or a banana. It’ll rip quite a bit, but it’ll go in there. :frowning:

From 2001: “Infant rape crisis jolts South Africa.”

Just sticking their fingers into her wouldn’t necessitate emergency surgery. And they weren’t using a dildo or a cucumber because they believed that having sex with a virgin would cure or prevent AIDS.

Now aren’t you glad you know. :frowning:

Castration for the uncle in the case under discussion would be my fervent wish.

There is no doubt that if found guilty this man will go to prison for “life”

Which in effect means he’ll be out in about 15-20 years, maybe less. he’ll be out and aged about 40ish and ready to get on with his life…all fucking wrong!

Whilst in prison he’ll be placed in a secure wing to prevent the other inmates from getting at him. He’ll get all the inside stuff like TV, newspapers, fairly decent food and he’ll even get paid!


I thought judges could use some discretion to mark a prisoner’s record “Do Not Release”? I know in an Australian murder case this happened. The judge saw to it that the parole board would not be inclined to let him out, ever. Can’t the same be done for him? :eek: :frowning: I would think that it could be seen as “Society’s Best Interest” to keep him incarcerated until he dies!

No, I don’t believe so.

The recent trend toward “flat sentencing” has removed a lot of judicial discretion. Whereas a judge used to be able to give a wide span (10 to 25 years, say) and then leave whether he was released up to the parole boards, flat sentencing has eliminated that. A person is sentenced to a certain number of years and is released thereafter, often with no sort of post-release control. (Sex offenders, of course, have to register-- I’m speaking of parole officers.)

You know this because . . . ?

I know the estate - Gipton - quite well, I used to live in the neighbouring estate Seacroft.

Both are absolutely notorious, with many of the former residents now being current residents of prisons.

Unemployment is extremely high, even though nationally it is low, and having lived among these folk, the reason is very simple, they are both lazy and greedy.

That said, this individual is in for an extremely hard time, nonces are not liked, and I would be surprised is a contract was not taken out on this ‘person’.

One or two of the cons in my workshop are aware of the family, there will certainly be several others in this prison who know the perp well.

Gipton is something of a dumping ground, when they try to clean up one estate, this is often one of the places they dump the human detritus.




Here’s something from the Chav towns message board,


The last post pretty much sums up Gipton, can’t punctuate, and no grasp if the subtleties of English language, unable to express itself effectively, its everything that Gipton residents aspire to, and to be honest, its rather more literate than a significant proportion of the estate.

The reason the estate is deprived, is because anyone who has any sense move out as soon as they get a job, the remainder are the lazy bloodsucking louts and leeches who frankly deserve to live in the poverty they work so hard to cultivate.

They are not even intelligent enough to commit crime very well, its not like its gang warfare and drug money, its just a shitty place to be, full of shitty individuals.

You’re speaking of American prison systems, not the U.K. There might be a difference, given the events I outlined in Australia. Australia’s prison system is closer to the U.K.'s prison system than ours is.

Here’s an article regarding Ohio’s flat-time sentencing laws. This one is about “truth in sentencing” laws in Connecticut. (“Truth in sentencing” and “flat time” are two different concepts, but both are relevant to this issue.)

The latter explains how the parole boards are being phased out:

This page (PDF) has great information and statistics on state sentencing laws:

There are still some forms of post-release control, but as I understand, it is only for certain crimes and if the PRC was part of the original sentencing. (Though I could be wrong about this.)

This is an excellent paper explaining the history and implimentation of “mandatory minimums.”

As for sex offender registration, you can search state by state here.

In the UK, a serious offender who is awarded a life sentence will have their minimum term set at trial.

This will probably attract something in the order of a 20 year minimum, however this could be far more depending upon the previous behaviour of the individual.

There is an extremely high liklehood that this person will not be released at their minimum, many life sentenced prisoners are not, it depends upon their behaviour in prison, and the courses they attend.

Once released, this person will have to report to probation staff for the rest of his existance, any breaches effectively means several more year back inside. A breach of licence can be something as simple as being late for an appointment, or perhaps being caught in a relatively minor offence such as drving without a car licence.

I doubt this pondlife will be in circulation within 25 years, if he actually survives prison at all.

You’re quite right. I know nothing about the UK or Austrailia’s prison systems. I apologize if anyone was confused.