Ghosts anyone?

I’ve grown up around several people who were um . . . not, well, the most brilliant Christmas lights on the strand and as a general rule they all believed wholeheartedly in ghosts as Bigfoot and professional wrestling.:rolleyes: I have run across some very intelligent people in the last few years, however, that also believe and I was wondering who on this board not only believes but has had some experience with ghosts.

The reason I’m interested is because I feel like my house is haunted. No big scary stuff going on but a lot of small stuff like my kid’s remote control cars going by themselves while the remote is in clear view with no one near it. Fortunately these cars have an on/off switch and nothing happens while they are turned off. Otherwise they would be rotting in a landfield somewhere by now. My under-the-cabinet lights in my kitchen would act weird too. There were 5 units and each had their own switch wired into one switch. Well only some would work and some wouldn’t. And while the switch was on they would go on and off of their own accord. So we replaced them and then rewired them so I would have to turn them all on individually. Same stuff. A couple of units wouldn’t work at all for weeks and then start working only to have one or more stop working. And still they would go on and off. My husband installed them and wired them and he knew what he was doing. It was weird. We finally replaced them again and no problems. Yet.

The big thing is that I hear someone walking around at night. I work at my computer until the morning hours quite often and I can’t count how many times I have heard someone walking around the house then enter my office and stand right behind me. Only to turn around and no one is there. :eek: I have gone in search of my husband because I was absolutely certain I heard him in the kitchen only to find him asleep in bed. He is a practical joker and I would put it down to that except he sleeps with a C-PAP machine which looks like an oxygen mask and it takes awhile to get it on his head. The amazing part about this whole thing is that I never seemed to freak out about it. Maybe I would if I lived alone?

Well I found out some history about the house from a neighbor. There was a man and woman that either had the house built or bought it and added a huge part of it on. Well they grew old in this house and she came down with Alzheimer’s. Her husband was taking care of her but he died suddenly (inside the house) of a heart attack. The woman continued to live here alone until she got so bad that her family put her in a home where she eventually died. Sad stuff. Anyway, the house stayed vacant while she was away and upon her death the house went to the Shriners who held onto it for some time util they auctioned it off and we got it. Even though he died in the house and she didn’t I feel it is her walking around. I can’t begin to explain why I feel this way.

So have you guys had similar or even scarier experiences or do you think I am just nuts?

I meant as well as Bigfoot . . .

I can’t say I’m a believer, but my dad had a bunch of stuff happen in his house when he was a kid…things that I certainly can’t explain away.

You could hear cards shuffling and furniture moving about. The dog would always play in the attic, except when a cold rush of air (in the dead of summer) would keep him at bay at the bottom of the stairs…just shaking and wimpering. Stuff like that. A guy hanged himself in the house before they occupied it. I don’t believe it was actually haunted, but it sure was creepy!

Well, this explains the remote control cars driving around. You’re being haunted by a post mortem Shriner parade.

I don’t know about the rest, but I know that when the batteries in certain toys are low, they can do crazy things. If the batteries in the remote controls are low, they could be sending weird signals to the cars, which is why nothing would happen with the cars turned off.

Also, keep in mind that remote control cars are DESIGNED to be operated from a distance with no visible connection. It’s possible that a different device may be giving them weird signals as well.

Heeeeheeeee, Radiowave. That’s clever. If I see a ghost wearing a fez I’m gonna die . . . laughing . . . and thinking of you.

It’s not the batteries because they do it regardless of whether the batteries are new or not. If fact it was pretty funny the first time it happened. It was Christmas with all the family over here and my son got his first remote car - a police car with lights and a siren. We were sitting at the table eating and I kept hearing a beep every so often but no one else heard it or noticed. I thought it was a low battery on the smoke detector or something but then the car came on all the way and rolled itself to the middle of the room. Conversation stopped midsentence while everyone, all in synchronized motion, looked at the car and then at the remote sitting on the counter. I would have given a million bucks for a video of that.

Of course we all chalked it up to stray infrared rays or whatever those remotes use. That’s probably what it is since all the remote cars do that but don’t when they are turned off. But put it together with the lights and the noises . . .

There are other stories too like the time my husband thought I said “hey” into his ear but when he turned around I wasn’t there but was in the office. I also was relating all this to my sis and my dad while we were sitting at the kitchen table (my dad wanted to know why the counter lights had just turned off.) when I could hear my infant son starting to wake up in his room. Well I usually turn the hall light on instead of turning his room light on and blinding him. Well when I turned the switch, the light came on, went off, on, off, on, etc. about 7-8 times until the bulb went out. The look on my dad and sister’s faces had me just about to pee in my pants it was sooo funny. You can explain it by saying that the bulb just went bad but I’ve never had one do that before.

Nothing that strange here, everything you have described could be explained by natural events or the imagination. I’ve looked high and low for something, anything, that would give me a hint about the existence of ghosts and found nothing.

My son has a big (like 2 foot tall) remote control dinosaur. It used to be “haunted” until we figured out that the TV remote made it do things. :smiley:

Oh, I used to have a stereo that would turn itself on sometimes. It was more annoying than spooky, though.
All this said, I do think that there is something beyond what we can see. I don’t know that it is “ghosts” per se, but I think that there is something there, and that some of these “things” are legitimately… well, “otherly”.

No thanks I already have one…

Kind of the same situation as the OP. Older couple, he died while working on the house. She remained in the house for several years along with her daughter. She sold the house when her daughter moved out. Her husband stayed.

Mostly things get moved. He gets more active when we work on the house, and has occassionaly made an apearance. I’ve never felt afraid, my husband was a little freaked at first and the cats would refuse to go in certain parts of the house unless the lights were turned on. The dog still watches something invisible walk thru the house but he doesn’t growl anymore.