Any real life ghost stories?

Does anyone or has anyone here lived in a haunted house or encountered a ghost? My friend Jeana lives in a haunted house. I’ve gotten calls after dark before, her crying, home alone, asking me to come over and sit with her until someone else gets home because she’s heard the ghost. Lights that are off when they leave are on when they get home. Stuff stops and starts working for no apparent reason. The TV only turns off when it’s unplugged (okay so that’s not a real haunting thing. It’s just creepy). Things disappear and aren’t seen for months, when they turn up in the oddest places. You can hear people walking around upstairs when you’re downstairs. Sometimes, late at night, you can hear people talking. More than once there have been taps or knocks on the door, late at night, with no one there, or even around. Not only the door, but taps or knocks on windows without any sort of trees or branches or anything to cause them. Some of this stuff sounds cheesy, but it’s very creepy and convincing when experienced.

My house is more than ninety years old. It used to have an old addition, since torn off, that was the servants quarters, with another two bedrooms and kitchen. Sometimes when I’m home alone, I can hear someone walk up the stairs, down the hall, and disappear into what is now a closet, but used to be a hallway to the servants quarters. Chilling. Doors open by themselves, even though we have checked the level of the floors and jambs. The dog barks at the air occassionally (of course, she’s nearly blind and deaf now, but even when she was spry, she did so) sometimes she would sit and stare at a chair, or on the couch, as if looking at someone. My cousin swears that the one and only time she ever stayed over here, someone opened her door, walked out of the room, opened the attic door, closed it, and walked up the stairs. This bugs the hell out of me because now we have refinished the attic into a bedroom and I live up there. Sometimes I could swear someone is in my room, late at night. I might mention that the city/area I live in was the site of a few larger battles during the Civil War. The apple orchard up the street dug up cannons, shot, sabers, and a few guns. Also, one of my friends tells a story about how her uncle kept visiting her for every night for a few months a few years ago. He’s been dead since she was real young.

Anyone else have anything similar?


We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first “lost generation” nor today’s lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.

Homer- I’ve had a few ghostly experiences, most of which occurred on third shift at the hospital I worked at. Twice I absolutely without a doubt saw someone walking around my work area, assumed it was the pharmacist, then walked to the front of the department to find him on the phone. Wasn’t him. Department is completely locked- only the two of us have the code to get in at night.

Once I was running some medications upstairs- I left the department, was walking down the hall and heard some running footsteps (very clearly) behind me. I turned around saying “what did you forget?” and there was frigging NO ONE there. Pharmacist still in the department- no one.
Bear in mind the hallway I’m talking about is in the hospital BASEMENT (same as the morgue). Creepy, creepy, creepy. We both had these experiences there- lots of them. Yuk.

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

That is very creepy. Do you feel threatened when you hear these things?
I don’t think my story qualifies for a haunting, but sometimes I feel a presence. It doesn’t have anything to do with a certain place. I just feel him there sometimes. One night I was laying in bed and I could have sworn that he talked to me. He called me sister. I have a brother that died when he was two weeks old, before I was even born. It doesn’t freak me out though. It is sort of comforting. Has been the subject of may jokes from my close friends that I would actually tell this to.

Not threatened, at least not during the day. During the night when I’m up all alone, it freaks the shit out of me, even reading about it freaks me out. But during the day, it’s “That damn ghost is walking around again!” I guess the reason I don’t think that much about it is because ever since I was a kid it was always “To get rid of a ghost tell him you believe in Jesus because ghosts aren’t dead people they are demons and demons cannot be in the presence of a true believer in God” or something to that effect. So I guess it helps to have ‘weaponry’ even if it’s weaponry that I know isn’t that effective (the Bible doesn’t say that a ghost ‘can’t be in the presence of a believer’ it just says that they can be forced to flee by intoning His name) Sorry for getting preachy and religious and whatnot, but I guess on some level that kind of stuff helps.


We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first “lost generation” nor today’s lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.

Well I wont comment on the ghosts being demons (which I do not believe at all) had a ghost in a house she lived in as a child that would stand by the linen closet and do nothing but make the spot cold. My mom says she wore a gray dress and pearls, but never moved and never said anything.

HOWEVER :), In Monterey, there is a Navy college (The Naval Post Graduate school), the main building was a hotel in the 1800’s which had burned down a couple of times.Supposedly, the ghost of one of the financial backers roams near the the present site of the tower. I have been in the tower a few times and one spot feels eerily colder than the rest of the staircase. There have been sightings in the big ball room, and in the basement area under the mainfloor.

The ghost is supposedly seen wearing his gray suit, and walking along the hallway near the ballroom or out on the patio just outside the ballroom.

Monterey also has other haunted places. The Robert Louis Stevenson house is said to be haunted. The most well known is a ghost of a woman who is usually seen in the nursery standing over the beds. Also in RLS’s old room, some of the docents have sworn that they have seen the rocking chair move and IIRC the old victrola start playing by itself. Theres also a ghost on 17 mile drive that is said to haunt JUST the porch of one of the houses.

As a kid my siblings and I saw a picture lift away from the wall and then slam back down against it. Several times. With us thoroughly inspecting the picture every time in between. In that same house, the record player started all by itself when i was in the room.

In another house I lived in afterwards (which was an apartment above a funeral home . . . my stepdad was a mortician) our dog would sometimes begin snarling at “nothing” in the corner, and back away from it. She also flatly REFUSED to go in the basement, and this was the world’s most obedient dog. If you carried her down into the basement, she would race back up to the top of the stairs and start to cry. Spooky!

Leslie Irish Evans

Okay…I have 2 stories.

First, I used to work as a docent/intern in an 18th century tavern that was later used as an almshouse. One day I was in the house by myself cleaning the collection, and I swore I heard voices talking upstairs, and we keep the doors locked all the time, even when we’re in there. I shrugged it off, and then heard it again - it sounded like a man and a woman, and they sounded like they were arguing. Freaked me out…ran back up to the visitors center to see what I could do up there! (Later found out I wasn’t the only one to have heard them…)

Second, I went to visit Holyroodhouse in Scotland. One of the rooms is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a courtier of Mary, Queen of Scots. I had read the story, but…didn’t really believe it. In any event, went on the tour (self-guided), and went into that room and flipped. It was colder in there, and I just got the most incredible urge to run out of the room. My mother was with me, and she got the same feeling. (Also got chills later looking at the bloodstain from the murder that they can’t get off the floor. ::shudder:: )