Giant Atomic Wasps. Newslink

Well, not giant. Pretty big, though. And they are radioactive.

This sounds like a job for… um… someone?


And hurry?

Just to pre-empt the accusations: I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

You have my word.

That’s bad ass!

Look who’s saying that.:eek:


There have been reports of slightly radioactive animals around nuclear waste repositories for years. I remember many accounts of radioactive frogs. Like this:

Evidently this has been a “hot” issue (you should pardon the expression) for a long time, leading to vitriolic exchanges like this:

How long will it be before this gets made into a Fallout 3 expansion pack?

I would say we have to take off and nuke them from orbit but now I’m not sure.

This is the type of news story where it feels great to have no involvement whatsoever.

I would like to be the first to greet our new Giant Radioactive Wasp Overlords.

“It was a quiet afternoon in Passover, and Lucious Johnson was on his way to Temple, when suddenly…” (Loud, dramatic music. Lucious runs desperately and is cornered by Atomic Wasps. Close-up of the wasp on his muscular brown arm. Lucious screams.) Voiceover: “Now, he’s…WASP-MAN ! Opening September 1st in fine theaters everywhere. Rated NC-17, language, insect violence, nudity, with briefs.”