Giant Backwards Globe in Boston

Cool picture, though:
Please note:

1.) This is not the famous stained-glass Mapparium at the Christian Science Mother Church. It’s an inflated giant globe at the State House.

2.) Everything is backwards. It’s not clear if it’s inside-out, or if the picture is flipped, or what.

It looks like maybe the picture was taken from the inside?

Possibly, but if that’s the case (and the Globe would have to be built with “airlocks” to allow it), you’d think that they would reverse the continents so things looked correct from the inside. That’s what the Mapparium globe does.

Looks OK in this shot.

I’m definitely going to go with the “inside the globe” thing

Yeah, especially since it’s backlit in the first picture.

I don’t think it’s an actual sphere. The thing is, it’s not really an accurate representation of the planet. It looks like everything has been shoved into the northern hemisphere, and the Pacific Ocean looks way bigger than it really is.

Actually, that Pacific coastline looks pretty accurate. So does the Pacific, itself. Grab a globe and take a look at the Pacific. It basically takes up half the planet.

It is, but being filled with air it tends to flatten on the bottom.

It’s the mother of Atlas, and she cares. :slight_smile: