Giant Birds Invade English Gardens!

Tokyo sez–“So what? They don’t even breath Atomic Fire. And they’re just 4 feet tall.”

English vaguely bemused, especially birdwatchers, who measure their birdwatching success by weight.
“A 1 meter tall bird?” exclailms one frustrated watcher. “My watching quota is met for the next 20 years! What shall I do for a hobby now?”

Had there not been a photo of the bird, I’d have put it down to the mushroom season starting early this year.

They measure birdwatching success by weight? But how to they get all those wild birds to hop on scales?

I’ve been having some reading problems lately and I keep misreading things, for example I read this sentence;

as “the family have been feeding the couple’s grandchildren to the bird”. But at least it does make for more interesting news.

The same way Cecil Adams, Font of Universal Wisdom, got 1 Billion Chinese people to jump off chairs all at once. DUH!

Perhaps it isn’t an error.

Didn’t you notice? We saw the grandchildren in only one picture, and nobody has seen them since! :eek:

Well, that is a disgustingly cute picture there at the top of the article. Do the human race some good to feed those overcute kids to the bird. :wink: