Giant Bug Statues on Exterminator Cars


I have a friend who wants to get one of those giant bug statues you see on the tops of exterminator trucks to put on his own car. “No problem” says I. “You can find ANYTHING on the Internet.” I have searched everywhere and tried every search engine on the Internet, but to no avail.
So, Teeming Millions, does anyone know who makes these monstrocities? Can it really be that big a business? How does an average joe get something like that on top of HIS car.



Use your “telephone”.

I know this may be an unfamiliar device, one you’ve never used before, but you must try new things.

Contact a local exterminator (in telephone slang, this is known as “calling someone” )and enable their user-friendly Livewear to get the information as to where the exterminator firm got their big bug (i.e. ask the yutz on the other end of the phone if he’ll tell you where to get a big bug ).

Not much luck from a general internet search. Try (1)different auction sites, or (2) e-mail an exterminator and ask where they got theirs.

The Terminix bug (and the others) may only come as part of a franchise package. You might need to get someone that does restaurant decor to build one, or build your own out of Bondo.

Like the muffler men and other such figures, I believe they are made of fiberglass-reinforced-plastic (epoxi). Look for businesses that make this kind of stuff. If you are handy enough you can make one yourself. At you can find the materials you need and publications explaining how to work with epoxi. Those figures, are made (like boats) by creating a mold and then building the figure over the mold. Not difficult once you get the hang of it.

Another option would be to drive a bug exterminator out of business by killing all the bugs in the area yourself. Then he will liquidate the equipment, including the giant bug… unless he decides to keep it as a souvenir.

Remember Kelly Bundy, when she worked as The Verminator, had a small car with a bug on it? This was on MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, one of the greatest shows on TV. But anyways, unless you want to keep it outside or on top of your car, you could make a bug out of papier mache. Merely recall how you used this procedure back in grammar school and design your own bug.

There appears to be one company that dominates in the building of large fiberglass statues - FAST Corporation of Sparta, WI (Fiberglass Animals, Shapes and Trademarks):

With a catalog of over 500 figures, I imagine they have some big insects. The cost, including transportation, may be more than you wish to spring for, I would imagine. I don’t know if their standard catalog includes smaller, car-sized objects either.

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor - regarding jackalopes, as per your signature: the town of Douglas, WY, apparently unsatisfied with the 8 foot concrete jackalope statue that has graced their town center for many years, has apparently approved a plan to build an 80 foot tall fiberglass jackalope visible from I-25.

Aww, I would love to have that. Wish I were closer!

Look on the bright side, Troppus.


zombie or no

those aren’t statues, it’s taxidermy.

An exterminator I know had one stolen from his truck about 15 years ago. At that time he mentioned they cost around $1500 - $2000 each. Not that cheap for a joke, and that was then.

And you could get really life like … these guys are ONLY about bugs, made of rubber and made in Italy.