Giant Colon Comes To Philadelphia


We must go. We simply must.

How often does one get the chance to be inside a giant colon?

[sub]Well, there was that waitress who invited me on a, as she called it, ‘back door tour’. Butt (heh) That’s neither here nor there.[/sub]

Who’s up for a colon crawl?

Wow. Is it coming to NY?

The Giant Colon will indeed be visiting the Big Apple.

Sure, it’s a good cause and all, but THAT’S the best theme they could come up with? :eek:

At Love Park, no less.


You should see the size of the scope that goes in that thing!

I swear I though this was an NFL thread about Frank Ferrara.

DocCathode, my wife volunteered at the Colossal Colon this morning. She said the experience was quite, um, moving. <rimshot>

Am I the only person seized by an urge to sneak into the colon after hours and have sex inside?
I will need a partner, as I am single at this time.

Any ladies want to volunteer?
[sounds of horrified screams and a crowd fleeing into the distance. Then, crickets.]

So are you saying you want to have sex in the butt?

You suppose a giant period will be coming next?

Oh, wait, that kind of colon. In that case, never mind.

I pass this thing on my way to and from work every day. At least from the bits I’ve seen peeking through the tent, it certainly looks… unusual.

Man, look what the Franklin Institute started! First a giant heart, now a giant colon…what’s next?

Oh dear lord. Soon they’re gonna make an entire person. A gi-normous, plastic and fiberglass, see-through, walk-through person with convienant viewing windows.

Then, they shall take over the world.

Then I shall be convinced that I am in Desires realm and start looking for himher in the heart…

[sub]Why yes, maybe I have been reading too much Sandman lately. ;)[/sub]

I was sure this was going to be a rant about John Ashcroft. I’m so disappointed…

Consecutive thread titles:

Giant Colon Comes To Philadelphia
Get me outta here! It’s toooooo hot!
Man. Hot and stinky, I would think.

I was thinking Limbaugh’s keynote at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in the Pennsylvania Convention Center this morning.

You tell me they are raising awareness about breast cancer with a couple of Titanic Ta-Tas I can jump on get lost in the cleavage, and I’m there.

As for the Colossal Colon, I think I’ll stick to my plan of eating right and avoiding any in-depth tours.

perhaps the tour of the colon and the philly dinner night could be combined? rumour has it that the colon is open for business until 7pm.

tour the colon and then perhaps some bangers at fado…

I know what you’re all thinking (and hoping). The Next Big Thing :smiley: will be a Giant Vagina. Luckily for us Dopers, our very own adorable auntie em has already opened hers up for public tours. I’ve met Gargantua in the flesh at a couple of fests and all I can say is wow. But wow. Human anatomy is truly amazing.