Giant Hexagon Storm on Saturn

I haven’t seen this here. JPL.NASA.GOV

The physics behind this ought to be interesting. I bet the UFO types will love this; no doubt it’s natural, but it looks artificial.

Wow. 15,000 miles across?

I suppose if you were right under it, you wouldn’t notice the nearly square sides. Does size and distance do that – make things that aren’t square look square? But equal size sides? Dang. Mind boggling.

Wonder if this is somewhere deep inside…?

Geometric whirlpools revealed

I was thinking this.

There are some stunning photos on the NASA site
This one buried in the archives is pretty interesting
Apparently the Empire has built another Death Star and it is on its way here.


Is says I’m FORBIDDEN.

Why? Is Sauron looking at it right now or something?

Are you saying that the server says you’re forbidden? Hmm, not sure why that should be. It works for me.

Anyway, it’s a short clip from 2001: “My God. It’s full of stars!”

Oh man, that’s so fakey. They didn’t even bother to trim off the flashing. What a crappy molding job.

Obviously the hive of Futurama’s Space-Bees.

Leela: “Honeycomb’s big!”
Bender: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
Fry: “It’s not small!”
Bender: “No, no, no.”

Unscientific, unsubstantiated speculation… if you had a circular storm, and many circular storms near it (next to it…) it might line up like this.

That depends on if you’re watching the movie or reading the book.

Don’t storms here sometimes form that kind of pattern?

Those interested might also check out some of the comments on the (now closed) thread Cassini photographs of incredible atmospheric phenomenon on Saturn

In the spirit of keeping this discussion completely factual I must point out that this exchange was between Leela, Fry, and Hermes, not Bender.

Fry, Hermes and Bender:

Fry: How big’s the honeycomb?
Hermes: Honeycomb’s big. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bender: It’s not small?
Hermes: No, no, no!

Hexagonal? Isn’t that just like a mantle plume here on Earth?

I can’t believe the thread has gotten this far without welcoming our hexagonal overlords from Saturn.